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Record-Breaking Number Of Entries To INDE.Awards 2020!

Entry numbers were up by ten per cent this year – a fantastic sign of a resilient regional industry coming together despite the challenges of the day.   .   A record-breaking 473 entries were received from all around the Indo-Pacific region for the INDE.Awards 2020 – what a way to ring in our special ‘Best […]

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52Arts (Shenzhen) by PAL Design Group. Shortlisted, The Learning Space, INDE.Awards 2018. Photo by Dick Liu.
From ‘Quantity And Scale’ To ‘Quality And Innovation’: Perspectives On China’s Architecture And Design

Beijing- and Hong Kong-based INDE.Awards strategic partner Green-Blue International knows its market well. The agency provides content strategy, public relations and event organisation services to Chinese architecture, landscape and design studios. And through its work, it brings news of Chinese design to the world. A key part of the message is the increasing focus on […]

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Entries Extended! New Deadline, 6 March

We’re giving you two more weeks to complete your INDE.Awards 2020 entries. Now that’s good news!   .   It’s been quite the year, and it’s only February. With mind to the challenges that have been felt around the region to date in 2020, we have some good news. We are extending the INDE.Awards 2020 […]

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INDE.Awards 2020 Countdown To Entry

Just as important as accolades is shared knowledge. And there’s plenty to share in the Indo-Pacific region. Don’t wait – submit your INDE entry now and share your story!   .   The INDE.Awards was established with the fundamental idea of bringing together people from within the Indo-Pacific region and showcasing and celebrating fine design. Now more […]

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Five Reasons To Enter The INDE.Awards 2020

The countdown is on! As you get down to business with your INDE.Awards entries, we give you five reasons why your time is being well spent.   .   1. We’re celebrating the best of the decade!  In 2020, we’re marking the twentieth anniversary of Indesign Media Asia Pacific and the start of a new […]

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INDE.Awards Ambassadors On Why Regional Dialogue Matters. Join The Conversation And Enter Now!

There’s no time to waste. Entries for the INDE.Awards 2020 close soon! But just as urgent in this time of rapid change and uncertainty is the ongoing progressiveness of our region’s architects and designers. Mark your contribution through the INDE.Awards 2020.   .   Progressiveness is the backbone of intelligent adaptation to change. It’s what […]

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Have You Designed The INDE.Awards’ Best Work Space Of The Decade? Mark Its Impact And Enter Now!

How have your workplace projects driven commercial design in the Indo-Pacific region? Tell us by entering the INDE.Awards 2020 special category: Best of the Decade | The Work Space, presented by Wilkhahn.   .   Celebrating the Indo-Pacific’s Best of the Decade in 2020   Perhaps more than any other sector of design, workplace design […]

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Is Your Project The INDE.Awards’ Best Living Space Of The Decade? Enter It Now!

Dust off your jpgs. In this milestone year, the INDE.Awards celebrate the lasting impact of our region’s most influential residences with a special award category: Best of the Decade | The Living Space, presented by Living Edge.   .   Celebrating the Indo-Pacific’s Best of the Decade in 2020   Every studio has at least […]

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The Progressive Mindset: In Conversation with INDE.Awards Judge Luke Yeung

The INDE.Awards celebrate progressive approaches to architecture and design. But what constitutes ‘progressiveness’? For Luke Yeung of Thai studio Architectkidd, transcending conventional categorisations and methods is key.   .   As a starting point, let’s position the term ‘progressive’ as a movement through time toward improved conditions. It’s something that requires a sense of advocacy […]

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Introducing The INDE.Summit: The Focal Point For Regional Dialogue In 2020

The INDE.Awards expand their reach and impact this August with a one-day conference in Sydney that will explore how the Indo-Pacific region’s architects and designers are innovating in the face of critical challenges.   .   The annual INDE.Awards are a powerful confluence of leading progressive design and contextual insights specific to our part of […]

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Jury Advice For An INDE.Awards Entry That Hits The Spot

Putting together your INDE.Awards entry? We asked the Jury what advice they have for entrants. Put it to good use and hit the mark with your submission!   .   Entries to the INDE.Awards 2020 close on 21 February. We know you’re knuckling down on your submissions now, so we consulted members of our esteemed Jury for a few […]

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The Opportunity Of The Indo-Pacific

Our region is front and centre in efforts to respond innovatively to some of the world’s biggest challenges. The INDE.Awards are a platform to collectively discuss and celebrate world-leading efforts to shift the paradigm through architecture and design.   .   Chaotic urbanisation. Housing affordability. Water scarcity. Flooding and waterlogging. Rising temperatures. The threat of […]

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Featured project: Tencent Doctorwork by Studio Adjective in China. Shortlisted in The Wellness Space, INDE.Awards 2019. Photo by Wilson Lee/Samson Lee
INDE.Awards 2020 Entries Are Open! Here’s Your Step-By-Step Guide

Entries are now open for INDE.Awards, the Indo-Pacific’s first and only regional design awards program. Here’s your easy guide to entry.

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INDE.Awards 2020 Celebrates The Best Of The Decade

Share your legacy in 2020 with the INDE.Awards’ Best of the Decade – two new era-defining accolades that honour the lasting impact of architecture and design in the Indo-Pacific. Entries open 2 December 2019 for the INDE.Awards 2020, which shines a spotlight on the architects and designers putting the Indo-Pacific on the global map. In […]

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Russell & George On Its Futuristic, Multi-Award-Winning Space & Time Fit-Out

The Work Space is one of the most tightly contested categories in the INDE.Awards. Which is why Russell & George’s self-designed North Melbourne studio was such a worthy winner in 2019. Category partnered by Colebrook Bosson Saunders.   .   To arrive at the Russell & George studio is a distinctly low-key experience. The firm is housed […]

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INDE.Awards 2019 People’s Choice Prodigy: Studio Esteta

In just three years, Melbourne practice Studio Esteta has established itself as a presence to watch on the Australian design stage. We go behind the scenes to learn what makes the 2019 INDE.Awards Prodigy People’s Choice winner tick. Thanks to category partner Cosentino.   .   What does it mean for design to be “beautiful”? […]

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Produce’s Pursuit Of Discovery

For INDE.Awards 2019 The Design Studio winner Produce, design is inseparable from fabrication. It is not a studio built on established category, rather it runs and thrives on the pursuit of discovery.   .   “The original meaning of the word ‘architect’ was ‘master builder’. But today, we rely heavily on fabricators and engineers to resolve […]

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5 Minutes With… Tom Fereday On OMNI

Developed in collaboration with Earp Bros, OMNI is an entirely new design direction for designer Tom Fereday. We get the insights about the winner of The Object category (partnered by Haworth) from the 2019 INDE.Awards.   .   Part object, part building block – coming together with immense versatility, OMNI is much more than furniture. […]

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Hawker Reload: The Social Obligation Of Architecture

The winner of the INDE.Awards 2019 Influencer category (partnered by Careers Indesign) exemplifies the massive impact that a socially minded vision can have.   .   Spend some time chatting with Manfred Yuen, the co-founder of Hong Kong- and Shenzhen-based Groundwork Architects + Associates, and you’ll soon have a sense of the breadth of perspective he […]

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Why The ‘Third Place’ Is Revolutionising The Way We Work

According to sociologist Ray Oldenburg, “third places are public spaces on neutral ground where people can gather and interact.” We review two INDE.Award-contending projects that revolutionise the meaning of ‘collaborative engagement’ at work.   .   An exciting urban phenomenon that’s indisputably on the rise, the ‘third place’ is distinct from home (first place) and […]

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George Livissianis Talks Shop On The Award-Winning Usfin Atelier

For George Livissianis, good design is more than just aesthetics; it’s about creativity, personality and functionality. Winner of The Shopping Space category at the 2019 INDE.Awards, presented by PGH Bricks & Pavers, George shares the process behind the genderless salon of Usfin Atelier.   .   Noticeable in George Livissianis’ design for Usfin Atelier is its monochromatic […]

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A Social Space With A Message By H&P Architects

S Space in Dong Van, Vietnam, is much more than a cultural and coffee space. The winner of the INDE.Awards 2019 Social Space category (partnered by Woven Image) is also a statement about unchecked development and loss.   .   The Dong Van district, just south of Hanoi, is like many areas in Vietnam in […]

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Creating Places For People: Maitland Riverlink

Maitland Riverlink, by CHROFI with McGregor Coxall, shows how design can be a powerful instrument in a community. It won the INDE.Awards’ 2019 Building trophy, partnered by Cult.   .   Regional design stimulates many effects within a region. It starts with contributing to new perspectives for an area, changing perceptions and creating a pathway […]

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Indigenous Co-Creation: Punmu And Parnngurr By Kaunitz Yeung Architecture

“These projects can stand on the world stage against any other kind of health project, and be successful. They aren’t Aboriginal projects; they are architecture for a specific community, that meets and exceeds the brief,” shares Kaunitz Yeung founding principal, David Kaunitz on the Punmu and Parnngurr projects – winner of The Wellness Space in […]

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Innovating Within A HDB Typology At Project #13

With this smart and forward-looking renovation of a 30-year-old Singaporean public housing flat, STUDIO WILLS + Architects topped the INDE.Awards 2019 Living Space category, partnered by Gaggenau.   .   Any form of high-density housing comes with the inevitable ongoing negotiation of shared spaces. In Singapore’s public housing, that negotiation has been more pronounced with […]

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Reinvigorating Public Spaces: Short Lane

Designed by Woods Bagot, Short Lane is a mixed-use apartment building that supports the creation of diverse and activated neighbourhood areas. No wonder the project won the acclaimed INDE Gold in the Multi-Residential category partnered with Bosch.   .   Mixed-use or multi-residential buildings are a development paradigm in urban areas that create active connected […]

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Creating A Village Square: Green Square Library

Tipped to become Australia’s most densely populated precinct, Sydney’s Green Square required a memorable gesture for its community hub. The Library and Plaza redefines the meaning of architectural literacy with its incredibly visual and graphic structures. And it won INDE Gold in The Learning Space category, partnered with Living Edge.

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Reinventing The Gold Dot

How do the minds behind Dinosaur Designs reimagine a trophy for today’s creative industry? We chat with Stephen Ormandy to find out.   .   The INDE.Awards are a celebration of progressive, ambitious and innovative architecture and design across the Indo-Pacific region. With over 430 entries from 14 countries, these projects have pushed boundaries, reimagining the way […]

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Fostering Dialogues: Why Cult Is INDE.Awards’ Partner For The Building Category

Leading furniture purveyor Cult has been the proud partner of INDE.Awards The Building category to foster broader dialogues in design, and to witness the growth of the regional architecture community.   .   “The only thing that is constant is change.” So said the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Change is the catalyst for progress. The […]

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Watch The Highlights From The INDE.Awards 2019!

With a glittering affair at the Melbourne Museum, the INDE.Awards 2019 showcased some of the outstanding talent from across the Indo-Pacific region – and we caught it on video!   .   A diverse and excited crowd came out for the 2019 INDE.Awards Gala, which took place in Melbourne on Friday 21 June 2019. Part […]

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