2017 INDE.Awards Winners

From over 400 entries, across more than 365 days, and throughout 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region, we are proud to present to you your official winners of the 2017 INDE.Awards.

Celebrating their achievements in Sydney on the evening of Friday 30 June 2017, and live-streamed across the region to Singapore thanks to Zenith, your first ever INDE.Awards brought Asia Pacific together in one unified round of applause.

The INDE.Awards is your region’s design on a global stage. It’s our commitment to leading design-thinkers, and our braver, better tomorrow.

We wish to thank you for joining us in recognising this region’s very best creative talents.

And on behalf of everyone who got behind the INDE.Awards to celebrate our region’s best, we wish to congratulate the INDE.Awards Alumni of 2017!