HUP HUP chair

Tom Skeehan

The HUP HUP is a folding chair with the form and experience of a traditional timber chair. The materials expected in a minimal refined chair are set in tension with a focus on each nesting element, highlighting the folding movement and the taught naked form.

The HUP HUP chair has been in development for three years, which according to Skeehan began as a “very indulgent” project that was developed in parallel to his more commercial projects. “The brief was to design a limited edition minimal timber folding chair that could be hung on the wall, while still reading as a traditional dining chair once assembled,” he explains. “Displaying the chair on the wall was one of the most important features of the product. I loved the idea that the chair now becomes an expression of beautiful timbers and could be enjoyed as an artwork.”

Skeehan launched the chair as a limited edition piece; only 20 have been made thus far in his Canberra studio. However, the chair has in fact been designed for production – each component lends itself to CNC manufacturing – and he has plans to formally release the product by the end of the year.