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Winner revealed – The Prodigy

  •   24 August 2023

The winner of the 2023 INDE.Awards, The Prodigy category is Made In Earth Collective | Architecture, Art & Ecology with partners Shruthi Ramakrishna, Jérémie Gaudin and Agnimitra Bachi sharing the accolade.

Based in India, Made In Earth Collective | Architecture, Art & Ecology is a practice that embraces nature and the earth and is determined to bring sustainability to the fore through all its commissions.

Supporting The Prodigy is Milliken, a company who embraces sustainable practice and understands the importance of nurturing the next generation of exceptional architects and designers. With everyone working towards a more sustainable planet, there is hope for the environment and the globe.

SAMVADA BADUKU College Campus | a space for conversations | Bangalore

Shruthi Ramakrishna, Jérémie Gaudin and Agnimitra Bachi met when studying architecture at the Auroville Earth. The trio came to understand designing with nature and the potential of this was realised when they began working with Chenelet Construction in France. They explored the full potential of bio-sourced materials and earth building techniques that posed an alternative to the challenges of high manpower costs and elaborate building regulations.

Back in India the trio travelled to Khamir and Hunnarshala in Kutch, Gujarat. Working with communities making crafts, the seed was sown to establish their own practice.

During this time, they met diverse people working to make the natural building movement a more accessible and desirable alternative. They participated in Design-Build workshops, where the process of architecture became more community-led. The lines between designing and making were blurred and Made In Earth was a spontaneous extension of all this.

Suta, a flagship store | Bangalore, India

The trio are inspired by the earth and by making architecture in the geographical and cultural context that is closer to people and can sustain ecosystems.

Congratulations Made In Earth Collective | Architecture, Art & Ecology. As you forge your direction in architecture that is better for the planet, you are also inspiring others to follow.

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Photography: Made In Earth Collective