Winner revealed – The Social Space

  •   23 August 2023

The 2023 INDE.Awards winner of The Social Space has been announced and Laizhou Bar by RooMoo Design Studio in China has been recognised with the top honour.

Laizhou Bar is perfectly at home in its surrounds and pays tribute to the natural world through its materiality. As a bar that showcases Bacchus, a whisky distillery, the interior is on brand, original and sustainable, and packs the wow factor in spades.

Capral Aluminium as the partner of The Social Space is also passionate about sustainability, in its business and of course its products, and so there is a resonance with the intention and realisation of Laizhou Bar. Capral Aluminium supports social environments that create better places for people to gather and connect in the understanding that this enhances life for the future. 

The 2023 INDE.Awards jury was also delighted by Laizhou Bar and commented, “A visually exciting project, Laizhou Bar provides an experiential moment for patrons. The design pushes boundaries and detailing is exceptional. Utilising discarded wooden barrels for the interior decoration, while creating context, is a sustainable masterstroke and differentiates this project to make it a stand out.”

RooMoo Design studio has interpreted the project to represent the brand but also created something new from old. Laizhou Bar comprises a whisky tasting area, VIP room, bar area, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor seating area. 

The site was assembled using 6,000 pieces of discarded wooden barrels dismantled from the whisky barrels of the distillery. The dome structure on the top surface formed by these discarded wooden barrel pieces highlights this area as the centre of the space. 

The double-ring structure on the top of the indoor tasting and bar area forms an infinite visual impression, echoing the distillery’s green and environmentally friendly whisky production methods.

We congratulate RooMoo Design Studio and applaud its talent for creativity. As a destination, Laizhou Bar tops the list of ‘must-visit’ social spaces that provides the ultimate setting to communicate and connect.

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Photography: Wen Studio