INDE. Summit - Program Details

Design that Sustains us: Radical Ideas for Housing

When it comes to housing, in many ways the future is upon us. Cost of living and the democratisation of design has pushed designers and consumers alike to realise new solutions for housing and new ideas for living. As gentrification and the urban sprawl conflict with the realities of climate change and ethical manufacturing, we ask how equity, accessibility and standard of living are being achieved by today’s vision makers.

Your key learnings:
– Understand the dynamics that are in play for housing in both the cities and the regions.
– Explore the trends in materials and design that better reflect health for residents.
– Investigate the consequences of climate change, the circular economy and buy local on housing design.
– Discuss how sustainable architecture and design in all its iterations influences the idea of house and home.
– With rising costs, shortage of materials and challenges in delivery pipelines, what will be the future impact on creating new housing?
– Client expectations, the reality of sustainable design.
– Investigate how technology is informing housing design.


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Jefa Greenaway (Wailwan|Kamilaroi)

Greenaway Architects



Lee Chin-Wei

Bio-architecture Formosana


More Speakers To Be Announced