INDE. Summit - Program Details

Knowledge Keepers and Custodians: Designing for Land and Country

Architecture, in its purest sense, has been integral to life since the dawn of time. The creation of shelter, as a fundamental part of human existence, has evolved over the centuries, drawing on place, culture and context to develop its own particularities. And yet, there is much to be learnt from traditional and indigenous forms of architecture, from place making, sustainability, and working with Country and communities.

Your key learnings:
– Understand how connecting and collaborating with the Indigenous community can enhance a project, a place and a community and why this should happen.
– How to take the first steps in working with First Nations people.
– Understand what Country is and, with this knowledge, design better architecture to reflect people and place.
– Explore the processes to better work with the Indigenous community and learn what needs to be learnt.
– Discuss present partnerships happening now that present best practice in various aspects of architecture and design.


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Leali’ifano Dr. Albert L Refiti

School of Art and Design, Auckland University of Technology


T’iafelelea’i Carinnya Feaunati

Designgroup Stapleton Elliott


More Speakers To Be Announced