The Indo-Pacific’s most progressive buildings, spaces, objects and people. We award those who break barriers and do great things.

Honouring the past 12 months of exceptional architecture and design.

The Building.

The grand prize for the region’s most progressive architecture, The Building is awarded to the project that marks a new direction in the future of architecture as well as its capacity to respond to its local place and culture.

The Multi-Residential Building.

High-density living is about much more than efficiency. We honour a multi-residential building that is designed with equal consideration for community, site, sustainability, human experience and market needs.

The Living Space.

Homestead, shophouse or apartment, to live well is to respond to one’s place. We award the region’s most inspiring home, the architecture, interior and exterior, that dwells thoughtfully and sensitively within its site and place, and responds with intelligence to its local context and culture.

The Work Space.

The workplace is social and cultural, as much as it is functional. This award honours a workspace design that meets the demands of work and the needs of people.

The Social Space.

Some of the most impressive spaces are those where people interact and play. We honour a hospitality or F&B space that tells a relevant story, captures the imagination, and brings people together.


The Retail Space.

Retail takes many guises today, but in physical retail spaces, impact and experience are critical. We award a space with mastery over retail’s shifting ground.

The Learning Space.

A spectrum of formal and informal spaces is emerging in the education context. We honour an environment that promotes connection and learning in the ways it needs to happen today.

The Health & Wellbeing Space.

The spaces in which we seek health and wellness services are evolving. We honour a place for wellness that gives equal emphasis to procedure and human experience.

The Interior Space.

The Interior Space recognises outstanding interior design, crafted for residential living. The design sets its own narrative, demonstrates originality and creativity, and is undoubtedly innovative. It is simply the very best interior design that enhances life.

The Influencer.

How does design change our world for the better? The Influencer is a product or project that represents how design impacts the region and the world at large. The Influencer demonstrates how progressive design can improve the world.

The Photographer – Commercial.

The Photographer – Commercial award recognises the immense contribution that photographers bring to the architecture and design community as well as the general community through their work. The image and visual documentation of a project is imperative for storytelling but most importantly, this category showcases the special talent of a photographer in capturing the essence of projects in the commercial realm within our region.

The Photographer – Residential.

Capturing the essence of a home and providing a visual story to the architecture and design, The Photographer – Residential award recognises excellence in residential photography throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

The Object.

Not all objects are created equal. We look at how they function, what they signify, and how they respond to the needs of people. Here, we award the region’s most original players in modern industrial design.

The Best Of The Best.

The highest of accolades, the Best Of The Best is awarded to one top-scoring winner on the night. This lucky winner has not only taken out the top prize for their category, but has the highest scoring entry of all winners.

The Prodigy.

Forget following trends; this award honours someone who sparks them. The Prodigy sees no distinction between design disciplines. The next wunderkind.

The Luminary.

The Luminary award recognises excellence in a career in design and celebrates the contribution of industry icons. Each year four Luminaries are nominated and showcased across Indesign Media Asia Pacific platforms and accorded the highest of all accolades, that of being named a Luminary. Each Luminary sets an example for us all and they are truly an inspiration to be honoured.

The Graduate.

The Graduate award recognises and celebrates a final year architecture student who shows outstanding promise in their chosen course. Through innovation and creativity the student aspires to make a mark on the profession and break new ground through design.