INDE. Summit - Program Details

Housing – Community And Connecting In Places We Live

With a change in how and where people want to live, cities and indeed some countries are fast losing their appeal. And so what are the new ways of living? With social housing and build to rent projects on the agenda in some countries and multi-generational and precinct design in others, the shape of how we live is undergoing a radical reappraisal. And how is tradition informing the way housing is designed today? Are we going back to the future where the village not the city was where most of us lived or do the tower blocks of the metropolis still reign supreme?
The shifting nature of community and connection is impacting the changing face of housing and architecture and design is at the forefront of this so let’s talk the how, why and where of housing today.


The INDE.Summit will be hosted online on August 9, 2023. Click below to register your attendance for free.