INDE. Summit - Program Details

Sustainability – Architecture, Activism And Culture.

Sustainable architecture is now a given and caring for our environment is mandatory. But along with building techniques and materials, life-cycles and re-use, the social nature of each culture is integral to designing and building for a better life. But what does this mean and how do we approach the broad ideas of sociability and culture, that also includes religion and identity, and connect and integrate them into design?
Who is pushing the boundaries and actively re-calibrating the ways we create community, and in turn, those spaces to sustain us?
From art to architecture there are distinct voices that can be heard above the crowd and practitioners who are leading the way through their new ideas of inclusive design. Those in the Indo-Pacific are perfectly placed to talk about architecture that sustains us at a time when so much change is upon us, as we discover the similarities and differences, the challenges and successes that sustainable and culture-rich architecture provides within our region.


The INDE.Summit will be hosted online on August 9, 2023. Click below to register your attendance for free.