INDE. Summit - Program Details

Education And More – Shifts In Institutional Architecture

So much of architecture conversations happen around the spaces in which we live and those in which we work. But what about the places that truly inform us, that define how our lives start and shape how they end? From educational architecture to healthcare design, this session looks at the role of the institution and the changing face of learning through to caregiving and everything in between.
How have these institutional spaces changed to meet new technology and ways of thinking? How have they been made safer and more accessible and how do these changes play out at home and across the Indo-Pacific? There’s so much more to design and many forward-thinking architects are taking a multitude of new ideas forward and creating for change. If the future of design is here, what does it look like for the spaces that most inform us?


The INDE.Summit will be hosted online on August 9, 2023. Click below to register your attendance for free.