INDE.Summit 2023

The future is here – announcing the INDE.Summit 2023!

  •   30 May 2023

The INDE.Awards, as a program, is entirely unique. Its position as a regional purveyor of design sets it apart from national programs, as its spotlight elevates beyond any one country’s position, instead creating a catchment that extends throughout the Indo Pacific. And yet – what is regional design, and how does that geographic grouping influence the way we should be thinking and framing our work as industry professionals?

That question lies at the core of the INDE.Summit, a full day conference that brings a regional perspective to conversations around design and architecture. Back for its third year in 2023, the Summit transforms the INDE’s into a holistic event, providing the knowledge that powers the awards.

This year’s instalment will take place on Wednesday August 9th and will run as a digital event, ensuring everyone from right across the region is able to join and participate. Throughout a full day of content, industry leaders and trailblazers will come together to discuss topics ranging from workplace and education, to residential design and activism in architecture. You’ll hear from the Indo Pacific’s leading minds, meaning each conversation will bring varied experiences and perspectives, reflecting the diversity inherent in our region.

The 2023 INDE.Summit theme is The Future is Here, which will look to capture the unique schism of the design world, as it exists in an environment which is accelerating towards the future and grappling with questions around sustainability, economics, equality and the human experience. What role does design take in these questions and how does it provide solutions toward change?

Best of all – the 2023 INDE.Summit is entirely free, meaning you can get your fix of design inspiration and engaging discussion all without spending a cent.

View the session titles below and reserve your free ticket now.

2023 INDE.Summit Program

The Future is Here

10:20 AM AEST
Education and more – shifts in institutional architecture

11:20 AM AEST
Best practice design for the education and institution sectors. What’s new?

12:00 PM AEST
Workplace – Architecture for a hybrid workforce

1:00 PM AEST
The office, the home and everything in between

1:45 PM AEST
Housing – Community and connecting in places we live

2:45 PM AEST
Housing- How we live and how can we make it better?

3:30 PM AEST
Sustainability – architecture, activism and culture.

4:30 PM AEST
What’s on the horizon and how do we sustain the environment for the future?

The 2023 INDE.Summit is a digital event that will be held on Wednesday August 9th. Tickets are free and can be reserved here. The Summit will be followed by the 7th annual INDE.Awards, which will be held on the evening of August 10th in Sydney and live streamed globally.