Yarra One, by Fender Katsalidis. Image by Peter Bennetts

Life all together – The Multi-Residential Building shortlist

  •   25 July 2022

The design of multi-residential buildings has come far over the past years to become projects that serve both architecture and a client perfectly. Multi-residential living is ubiquitous, however the designs of the buildings are not, pushing creative boundaries to present best practice for multi-generation living, with apartments, studios or townhouses.

The shortlist in The Multi-Residential Building category at this year’s INDE.Awards highlights and showcases the success of architecture and design of this design iteration. Bespoke interiors and sustainable credentials help cement the idea that the multi-residential lifestyle is indeed the way forward in form and function for many people in our region.

As supporter of The Multi-Residential Building category, Bosch has been there at the beginning of the INDE.Awards and seen the changes over the years. However, one aspect that has not altered is the opportunity for Bosch to bring fine products to kitchens and bathrooms and raise not only the style of a design but offer excellent facility in projects that cater for multi-residential living.

Considering the shortlisted projects this year, Robert Warner, General Manager Retail Sales, BSH Home Appliances says, “One common theme throughout The Multi-Residential Building shortlist is the focus on communal spaces shared with the public, whether that is an urban backyard, public furniture, internal laneways, share cycle paths and water features there is this notion of bringing the community together to form village-like experiences. Carbon neutrality is another clear theme across the shortlist, with architects and designers designing for future adaption and to minimise environmental footprint and the subsequent impact on site.”

Reviewing the shortlisted projects and interpreting how they may reflect the ideas that are integral to Bosch, Warner remarks, “We are proud to say that Bosch is ‘Invented for Life’, with a clear ambition to enhance the quality of life with ideas and innovations that make life easier for all, with as little impact on the environment as possible. Being part of the BSH Group, a global organisation dedicated to a programme of sustainability initiatives, including the operating of all production, development and administration sites carbon-neutrally since 2020.

At the heart of this is a commitment of developing efficient appliances that are designed to have a longer life, to be repairable and at the end of their life, can be recycled or reused.
We are also committed to investing in technology dedicated to saving energy and water, products that one can also flexibly rent – creating a circular economy – and to remain carbon-neutral across all facets of the brand.“

Of course, there are always one or two projects that catch the eye and become a favourite from the group and this year Warner cites a few projects that are stand outs for him remarking, “Eternity Life Residential in Footscray has been able to design a beautiful industrial building, while placing little impact on the environment, being seven per cent carbon neutral. Very impressive. And, Newcastle East End and 17 Union Street are equally notable, with focus placed upon how the public can share the spaces.”

With such a shortlist it is easy to see why so many people now embrace a multi-residential lifestyle that is both sustainable and connected to the community.

We look forward to gathering together in Melbourne on 4th August when the winner of The Multi-Residential Building will be announced along with all the other categories. It will be a time to celebrate and as Warner says, “It’s really interesting to understand where inspiration is generated. There is an increased collaboration between practices on various projects and I am looking forward to understanding how each worked together synergistically to create these thoughtfully designed spaces.”


The Multi-Residential Building

Proudly partnered by Bosch

8 Loftus Street, Quay Quarter Lanes, by Studio Bright. Image by Rory Gardiner

8 Loftus Street, Quay Quarter Lanes
Studio Bright

9-15 Young St, by SJB & Richards Stanisich. Image by Tom Roe

9-15 Young St
SJB & Richards Stanisich

17 Union Street, by BKK Architects. Image by Derek Swalwell

17 Union Street
BKK Architects

18 Loftus Street, by Silvester Fuller. Image by Rory Gardiner

18 Loftus Street
Silvester Fuller

Eternity Life Residential, by k20 Architecture with Longboat Development Group. Image by Dave Kulesza

Eternity Life Residential
k20 Architecture with Longboat Development Group

Goulburn Street Housing, by Cumulus. Image by Adam Gibson

Goulburn Street Housing

Napier Street by Edition Office for Milieu, by Edition Office. Image by Rory Gardiner

Napier Street by Edition Office for Milieu
Edition Office

Nightingale Ballarat, by Breathe. Image by Kate Longley

Nightingale Ballarat

Newcastle East End, by SJB, Durbach Block Jaggers & Tonkin Zulaikha Greer. Images by Tom Roe (left) and Brett Boardman (right)

Newcastle East End
SJB, Durback Block Jaggers & Tonkin Zulaikha Greer

Terrace House, by Austin Maynard Architects. image by Derek Swalwell

Terrace House
Austin Maynard Architects

UQ Res Kev Carmody House, by nettletontribe. Image by Christopher Frederick Jones

UQ Res Kev Carmody House

Yarra One, by Fender Katsalidis. Image by Tatjana Plitt

Yarra One
Fender Katsalidis



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