Eternity Life Residential

k20 Architecture with Longboat Development Group

Eternity Life is a multi-faceted building, and the design story is complex. A number of core design ideas have been interwoven and inspiration has been taken from both its surroundings and external influences. Situated next to Stoney Creek, an active waterway leading to the Maribyrnong River, inspiration for the design came from the nearest typology of remnant buildings with pitched roofs at Melbourne’s old Docklands, also situated next to water. This idea drove the overall form and shape of the building, evident in the simple gable roofs of the five forms that are timber clad..

The site is landscaped by trees and the existing natural environment including Stoney Creek, native trees and wildlife which created the project concept ‘’in the shade of the tree’’. From this came the concept ‘’nature is eternal’’ and the desire to create a space which captures all three tenses – past, present, and future.

The design creates a place that both enhances the connection of residents to the local environment and extends beyond the boundaries of the site to provide a high level of social equity and a sanctuary for people in the centre of an urban environment.

Eternity Life is a unique timber structure crafted from Simple Laminated Timber (SLT) and clad in sustainably sourced hardwood timber. An independent Lifecycle Assessment by E Tool Global concludes up front carbon emissions are reduced by 52 per cent and embodied carbon reduced by 71 per cent.

Each apartment allows for spacious living and mobility. Of the sixty-one units, fifteen have been designed to accommodate people living with disability. Designed to Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Livable Housing Australia Platinum Level the widening of internal hallways and low kitchen cabinetry for wheelchair access, electronics access through apartment ceilings for hospital-grade care devices, and an overall consideration for universal access to all common areas are some of the initiatives incorporated to help residents enjoy independent living.


Lighting: Mirabella. Fittings & Fixtures: Streamline.

Photography: Peter Bennetts (1, 4), Dave Kulesza (2, 3)