Explore the ideas that inform how we live, both now and in the future

  •   22 July 2022

One of the four panel discussion sessions at the 2022 INDE.Summit will focus on housing – ever important and constantly changing. With a diverse and expert panel, the session will explore the differing perspectives on housing within our region, the similarities between countries and the challenges faced and critical touchpoints debated.

In the session Design that Sustains us: Radical Ideas for Housing we will investigate the many iterations of housing and the new directions housing design is taking today. Cost of living and the democratisation of design has pushed designers and consumers alike, to realise new solutions, and innovation abounds. With new ideas for living and as gentrification and the urban sprawl conflict with the realities of climate change and ethical manufacturing, the session will explore how equity, accessibility and standard of living are being achieved by today’s vision makers.

The session will provide insight into multiple aspects of housing as the panel discuss,

– The dynamics that are in play for housing in both the cities and the regions.

– Explore the trends in materials and practice that reflect better health for residents.

– Investigate how technology is informing housing design.

– Client expectations, the reality of sustainable design.

– Discuss the consequences of climate change, the circular economy and buy local on housing design.

– And address the ideas of how sustainable architecture and design in all its iterations influences the idea of house and home.

The moderator for this session is Jefa Greenaway, Director of Greenaway Architects, Australia with an illustrious and dynamic panel that comprises,

Joachim Quino Holland, Fieldwork, Australia

Adam Haddow, Principal, SJB, Australia

Lee Chin-Wei, Founding Partner, Bio-architecture Formosana, Taiwan

Bianca Baldi, Associate (Interior Design), Techne, Australia


With housing a premium, architecture can and does make a difference to the way we live now and in the future. Join us to explore all the options on 3rd August at the virtual 2022 INDE.Summit. Reserve your ticket here.