Top Reasons to Enter INDE.Awards 2021

  •   23 February 2021

Every year, the INDE.Awards acts as a barometer of our progress as an industry and a region, a platform through which the excellence from the last 18 months can be elevated, celebrated and recognised across the globe. Since the awards were first launched in 2017, they have attracted entries from across the Indo-Pacific, becoming the world’s only architecture awards program to encompass the entire region and its progressive and intuitive design vernacular.

With the 2021 program officially underway, now is the time to join the INDE.Awards and ensure your project is recognised alongside the best in the region.

Need even more convincing to submit your entry? Here are our top reasons to submit your project.

Albert Park Office and Depot, Harrison and White with Archier. Photography by Peter Bennetts

Represent Local Design

The INDE.Awards is set apart by its commitment to the Indo-Pacific. As a global programme with local roots, our shortlisters and winners are a testament to the diversity of their geographic, cultural and architectural contexts. Through the awards, we explore that which brings us together and sets us apart, celebrating the similarities and differences which make our region truly great. 

It is this commitment that positions INDE.Awards as the perfect platform for those throughout the region, allowing all entrants to represent their countries on the global stage. Join judges, ambassadors and a family of alumni who hail from right across the Indo-Pacific, where the shared pursuit of excellence creates a platform for celebrations.

The Work Project – Asia Square, Hassell. Photography by E.K. Yap

Global Recognition

INDE.Awards offers the chance to tap into a truly regional network of print, digital and content driven media. Through these platforms, we have built an audience for INDE that is global in it’s reach, taking the best of local design and elevating it across the world. 

These networks are extended thanks to our corporate and strategic partners, who tap into their own channels to share the INDE programme further and wider than ever before. 

This is brought into a new dimension thanks to our Digital Gala, where a broadcast shared across a multi-layered suite of media ensures the INDE.Awards are shared right across the globe.

Join the Community & be part of the Alumni

The INDE community is unlike any other. Brought together by our shared passion for architecture and design, the INDE’s brings together designers, architects, industrial designers, career legends and progressive trail blazers in a yearly celebration of excellence. From entrants, shortlisters, winners, judges, ambassadors, partners and our ever-growing audience of design-aficionados, our community continues to set the standard for industry-wide recognition and celebrations. Interact with people and firms who are at the top of their game and make valuable connections with our partners.

For those lucky few who receive the honour of INDE gold, the INDE alumni community opens up a community bonded by their achievements. Join the likes of John Wardle, Bates Smart, Koichi Takada and Partners Hill and be part of the INDE.Awards inner circle, where your success will continue to be celebrated in the years to come.

Recognise your Team

After 18 months of hard work and dedication, what better way to recognise and celebrate your team than taking home INDE gold? Pay homage to the projects that defined your 2020 and put your team up in lights with some of our industry’s best examining and showcasing their work through the shortlisting process. Be the best in your field and take to the stage as you accept the coveted INDE.Awards trophy for your category.

Boost your Profile

Winning an INDE.Award is a lasting legacy for any firm. Stepping onto the INDE stage brings a unique opportunity to get your project noticed across the globe, elevating your story, your team and your work to an audience of thousands. Don’t miss your opportunity to get noticed like never before, as all the eyes in the region turn to you. 

Sukasantai Farmstay, Goy Architects. Photography by Fabian Ong

Don’t miss out, entries close March 19th.