The Future is Now

  •   11 March 2021

As the only architecture awards programme to encompass the entire Indo-Pacific, the INDE.Awards is the regional voice that supports and showcases outstanding architecture and design from Australia to Singapore, China to India and every country in between. Now in its fifth year, the independent voice of the INDE.Awards resonates ever louder, as the programme grows exponentially more successful each year.

To reflect the ever-evolving architecture and design community, this year we present a new category, The Graduate. Joining the 14 established categories already in the programme, The Graduate celebrates fifth year architecture students and presents a platform for these architects of the future to take centre stage.

As the sponsor of this new category, Alspec is supporting the next generation of architects and affirming its commitment to the architecture and design community. Established in 1974, Alspec is
a market leader in the design and distribution of aluminium systems. With more than 40 years in business, the company has the experience and know-how to embrace the future with confidence and is extending support along the way.

Ross Baynham, National Specification Manager, Alspec explained, “Alspec has always been a supporter of the architecture and design community, in more recent times having aligned with the INDE.Awards as it recognises, elevates and celebrates the amazing architecture of our region. The Graduate category seeks to nurture talent and open the possibilities of expression, which will move the industry forward for many years to come.”

This year, through The Graduate, the INDE.Awards will focus on the top architecture students as recommended by the faculty heads of major Australian and New Zealand architecture schools. It is an honour for the students to be chosen to represent their school and the INDE.Awards is pleased to be able to support the students not only in their local environment but also on the regional and global stages. Times are changing and we all face a variety of challenges. Our future architects are at the very pinnacle of the process that will make a difference and, that is, architecture and design.

Baynham added, “At Alspec, we realise that to truly move the industry forward, we need to engage with the community as much as possible. As a systems supplier, we respond on an individual and a global level. Global market trends and local project requirements are equally important and only open communication will allow the ambitions of future designers to be realised. There are a number of factors that are shaping the architectural and building industries, from global warming to natural disasters, circularity to managing global supply chains. The recent pandemic has made us all aware that we don’t always know what is around the corner, working in partnerships across industry will allow us to respond and adapt as our environment changes.”

Through the next generation of architects we can celebrate those who will make the difference. The Graduate is an inspirational initiative and serves to give voice to those who will take the reigns of architectural practices in the decades to come.

Through The Graduate category Alspec understands there is an opportunity to look to the future for the young, just as the company also looks forward. Baynham expresses this through the ideals of Alspec saying, “Alspec aims to be world class in aluminium design, distribution and service. We cannot do that without constantly engaging industry on cutting edge technologies, techniques and service requirements. As requirements change, from both a trend and systems performance point of view, we need to ensure that our R&D teams are leading from the front.”

And who will be our leaders? Why the architects of the future of course. Design can initiate change and manifest in myriad ways and The Graduate will celebrate this now for the future.

Information about The Graduate is available here. To enter The Graduate category students must be recommended by their school.