The winning project of The Living Space in the 2020 INDE.Awards, Expandable House by Urban-Rural Systems (Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH centre). Photography by Carlina Teteris & Dio Guna Putra

The Space For Living

  •   13 March 2021

The spaces in which we live give us shelter, comfort and sustain us. A home is also a place of respite and retreat and offers opportunity for family to gather and friends to visit. It is our personal ‘castle’ and the personification of who we are.

The Living Space in the INDE.Awards is a special category that means something to all of us – whether we live in a single residence, an apartment, a warehouse or a mobile home. Our individual homes shine through myriad designs that architects and designers present, whether modern or traditional, as where and how we live, is the catalyst for our lifestyle.

As supporter of The Living Space, Gaggenau has been an integral part of the plethora of outstanding homes that have been entered in the INDE.Awards over the years. Always innovative, and as leaders in design, Gaggenau is in step with the architecture and design community, their needs and requirements. For Gaggenau it is all about quality and design and being the best.

Olya Yemchenko, Senior Brand Communications Manager, Gaggenau Australia comments that, “When looking to design The Living Space, the end result, is informed by many factors – incorporating the individual needs of the occupant’s lifestyle and aesthetic proclivities. It is a delicate balance of creating a welcoming, visually pleasing space that responds with intelligence to its local context and culture.

Gaggenau design represents a symbiosis of tradition and avant-garde. Each intuitive, unique interaction, even those beyond the minimalist interface, reward the touch, sight and ultimately taste. The design is more than what you see, it is what you touch and feel.

We understand that it is the sum of all the parts that creates the full picture, providing a holistic experience for a life, a culture or a home.”

It is said that the devil is in the detail and nothing could be more accurate than when devising a new residential project or designing a new oven or stove top for the kitchen. As the focal point in our home, the kitchen these days presents the latest technologically advanced products but also an aesthetic that adds a creative mix to this favourite room.

The winning project of The Living Space in the 2020 INDE.Awards, Expandable House by Urban-Rural Systems (Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH centre). Photography by Carlina Teteris & Dio Guna Putra.

Gaggenau has been constant in its research and development and has been at the forefront of innovation throughout the last century; with the introduction of stoves in the early 1900s, built-in appliances in the 1950s and the first 90-centimetre oven in the mid-1980s – to name but a few initiatives. In fact, there have been so many design firsts introduced by Gaggenau that it has been at the pinnacle of appliance design world-wide since the company was established. Gaggenau is constantly evolving and through its superior products the company ensures its place as a market leader.

Yemchenko explains, “In over 330 years of constant change, at Gaggenau, we have learned that there are three sacred constants in the production of the exceptional: the vision of the designer, the quality of the materials and the skill of the craftsperson.

Grand architecture demands great interior pieces. Every Gaggenau piece is distinctively designed, crafted from exceptional materials, offers professional performance and has done so since 1683. Aesthetically, our philosophy is to create timeless classical pieces that somehow become a part of the overall design concept, yet retain their individual and distinct appeal.

With living and working environments blending together due to the increase in virtual workplaces: preparing, enjoying, discussing, it all occurs increasingly in the one space, the living space. And if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen.

The winning project of The Living Space in the 2020 INDE.Awards was Expandable House by Urban-Rural Systems (Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH centre), Indonesia. An innovative design, this is a home that is adaptable and can be configured to encompass the diverse needs of the residents.

As change is ever with us so design interprets and curates the products, materials and processes that become integral to the fabric of our homes. Colours and patterns are in style one year and out the next, however quality fittings and fixtures, materials that will stand the test of time and products that are trusted and reliable, as well as beautiful, are timeless. Knowing that a trusted partner can provide outstanding quality with cutting edge design is reassurance that every architect and designer requires and Gaggenau is ever ready to provide outstanding products and superior customer service.

Exploring the Gaggenau experience Yemchenko elaborates, “Gaggenau is built on a foundation of luxury, precision, avant-garde design and professional cooking in the home. It is these values that drive our interaction with all partners; architects, designers, developers and end consumers.

Our difference is our brand characteristics and how these manifest themselves in our products. We do not talk about product features or how we contribute to the A&D space, rather the assurance that we, Gaggenau, enable and inspire the designer to create better living spaces.”

As our homes are at the very nucleus of our lives, so we celebrate the artistry and ingenuity of the architects and designers who create them. The Living Space is a category that everyone understands, the projects influence how we

live and who we are and it is the category that presents an unparalleled view, a snapshot if you will, of design today and for the future.

The INDE.Awards are open and now is the time to share your latest residential projects. Enter here for the opportunity to showcase your work to a local, regional and global audience.