Gone are the days of the cookie-cutter workplace, with Google Aotearoa by Warren and Mahoney

  •   7 September 2022

The working environment has been perhaps the most fast-changing sector of architecture and design at the moment and the shortlist of the 2022 INDE.Awards reflect this. With multiple exemplary projects in the category, the jury’s decision was a challenging one. However, Google Aotearoa by Warren and Mahoney, New Zealand/ Aotearoa has been named the winner and what a wonderful project to wear The Work Space crown.

Through thoughtful design that complements people, place and culture, Warren and Mahoney has achieved an outstanding result with Google Aotearoa. Connecting with people and culture the design is specific and contemporary but also includes outstanding amenity and facility.

INDE.Awards 2022 – Winner The Work Space

As supporter of The Work Space, Herman Miller understands that exemplary design in all aspects of a work place creates the best environment for everyone. Designing and manufacturing exemplary products for the workplace is at the heart of Herman Miller’s ethos, and this idea perfectly aligns with Warren and Mahoney’s singular design.

Commenting on just why this project was a stand out in its category, Mike Radda, vice president of North Asia and Pacific at MillerKnoll, says, “The digital elements of this project excite me. Bringing the concept of Te Tai to life is an immersive digital ceiling that plays curated audio-visual scenes and offers a rolling reel of New Zealand’s Aotearoa is innovative and personal to the project.”

INDE.Awards 2022 – Winner The Work Space

Yes, long gone are the days of cookie cutter workplace projects. Designing for people and their workplaces means taking a multi-faceted and flexible approach in order to enhance the working time of a particular group of people and business, in their location, reflecting their needs. Radda adds, “For me, it’s the connection the project has to the land it sits on. The concept of featuring stories of the land, people, and local culture is very special and something I feel more projects will embody moving forward.”

Work is such an important part of our lives and the places in which this time is spent can certainly enhance or detract from the quality of life. With great workplace design comes happy and productive staff, and after all, isn’t this the outcome everyone desires? A deserved winner, congratulations Warren and Mahoney for Google Aotearoa, which celebrates culture as well as fine creative workplace design.

Warren and Mahoney

Herman Miller

Photography by Sam Hartnett