Ambassadors Lead the way in the 2021 INDE.Awards

  •   25 February 2021

With the 2021 INDE.Awards in full swing, taking the lead to spread the word of the program are the talented and expert group of architects and designers that are our ambassadors. As in other years, the INDE.Awards ambassador is a creative renowned for his or her talent and commitment to the design community. In 2021 we have a diverse group that encompass the realms of architecture and design as well as myriad countries within our Indo-Pacific region. They each bring their own special magic to the INDE.Awards and we are delighted that they are our regional representatives to our wide community.


This year’s Ambassadors are,

Akshat Bhatt – Principal Architect, Architecture Discipline, India

Annabel Smart and Marijne Vogel – Directors, Studio 11:11, New Zealand/Australia

David flack and Mark Robinson – Directors, Flack Studio, Australia

Goy Zhenru, Dessy Anggadewi and Sam Loetmann – Director, Indonesia Lead, Thailand Lead, Goy Architects, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand

Jason Sim and Hao Wang – Founder and Architect, S/Lab10, Singapore

Maria Warner Wong – Founder and Design Director, Warner Wong Design I WOW Architects, Singapore

Mark Healey – Studio Director, Bates Smart, Australia

Otto Ng and Chun Hang Yip – Founders and Directors, LAAB Architects, Hong Kong


Our ambassadors this year are an exemplary group of practitioners that dedicate themselves to fine design. Their projects inhabit our region and enrich each community and country as they span every genre. They see that design can make a difference to the lives of those who inhabit houses, learn in the classroom, recuperate in medical facilities, practice wellness, shop, reside in a retreat or eat at a restaurant. They are consummate practitioners and leaders in their field of design.

We are delighted that each ambassador is associated with the 2021 INDE.Awards and that they value the connection that the awards bring to all who value design throughout our Indo-Pacific region. This connectivity is the very essence of the INDE.Awards and we pay tribute to those who lead the charge, our 2021 INDE.Awards Ambassadors. 

2021 INDE.Awards ambassadors


Akshat Bhatt, Principal Architect, Architecture Discipline


David Flack and Mark Robinson, Flack Studio


Goy Zhenru, Dessy Anggadewi and Sam Loetmann, Director, Indonesia Lead, Thailand Lead, Goy Architects


Maria Warner Wang, Founder and design Director, Warner Wong Design I WOW Architects


Mark Healey, Studio Director, Bates Smart


Otto Ng and Chun Hang Yip, Founders and Directors, LAAB Architects


Jason Sim and Hao Wang, Founder and Architect, S/Lab10


Annabel Smart and Marijne Vogel, Directors,  Studio 11:11