Budiman Hendropurnomo

Denton Corker Marshall (Jakarta Studio)

Budiman Hendropurnomo is one of the most decorated and respected architects in Indonesia. Born in Malang, East Java, he graduated from the University of Melbourne before joining Denton Corker Marshall (DCM) in 1981. He established DCM’s Indonesian branch (incorporated with the local name Duta Cermat Mandiri) in Jakarta in 1987. Today, Budiman’s name is synonymous with large-scale projects that have shaped the face of Indonesia’s urban landscape. There are always elements of experimentation coupled with rigorous attention to detail in each of these large-scale projects, from high-rise office towers, school complexes and shopping centres to sprawling seaside resorts. And at the heart of the experimentation is the search for sustainability and the desire to translate and elevate Indonesian culture with architecture.

Photography: Andre Wiredja.