(Image courtesy of Woven Image)

Woven Image and The Luminary at the 2023 INDE.Awards

  •   24 March 2023

The Luminary at the 2023 INDE.Awards is a special category that recognises those within the realm of architecture and design who have made an indelible contribution to the community throughout their professional careers. Over four issues of Indesign and Cubes, four people or partners in practice are showcased and, in August this year at the INDE.Awards gala ceremony, all Luminaries will be celebrated.

Congratulations to those Luminaries revealed so far for the 2023 INDE.Awards.

Jefa Greenaway – Director, Greenaway Architects (Australia)

Wendy Saunders and Vincent de Graaf, Principals, AIM Architecture, (China)

Ewan McEoin and Simone LeAmon – Hugh D.T. Williamson Senior Curator of contemporary Art, Design and Architecture and Hugh D.T. Williamson Curator of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture, National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) respectively, (Australia)

And one more Luminary will be revealed soon.

Ion in colourways 908 and 550 (Image courtesy of Woven Image)

As the supporter of The Luminary category at this year’s INDE.Awards, Woven Image understands just what being an icon means. Established in 1987 in Sydney, Australia, Woven Image has grown to become a global enterprise with offices in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China and a network of distributors and resellers covering the United Kingdom and Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Now, that’s evolving a business, but it doesn’t just magically happen.

Woven Image is itself a luminary of design providing exemplary products and service to the architecture and design community. The fact that it is recognised, specified and respected indicates the standing in which this business is held by the global design community and it continues to move forward to create and innovate exponentially.

EchoPanel Palace in colourway 349 (Image courtesy of Woven Image)

As a company that is at the very apex of design, the fine acoustic finishes and fabrics that comprise Woven Image’s product portfolio are a reflection of the company’s ethos of sustainability. It’s worth noting that in 2004, Woven Image invented, patented and launched EchoPanel®, the original PET acoustic panel made using 60 per cent recycled fibres. Since then, Woven Image’s range of decorative acoustic finishes continue to expand with Embossed and 3D finishes and Array, an Acoustic Baffle System. Being a product luminary means that you don’t stand still.

Attaining and maintaining the heights as a market leader is about understanding requirements and fulfilling them. Pivoting in the market is not a simple matter, however, Woven Image is always ahead of trends and anticipating design needs and as a business sustainability is a part of its DNA.

The ideas of environmental research and product development began long before 2004 and EchoPanel®, as Woven Image is a pioneer of sustainable initiatives. However, fast forward to 2023 and there are some awe-inspiring statistics available that cements Woven Image as a major sustainably-minded business. To date, a staggering 6024 tonnes of PET plastic has been made into Woven Image’s acoustic products which means that 301 million plastic drinking bottles have been diverted from landfill and waterways. This also equates to 7108 tonnes of carbon dioxide saved from entering the atmosphere and 142 million black balloons filled with carbon pollution that will not warm the planet. Astounding statistics in anyone’s book.

Fuji Roku ceiling tiles in colourway 299 (Image courtesy of Woven Image)

While sustainability is ever present with Woven Image designs, development and implementation, their products are also, of course, aesthetically beautiful. Take the new acoustic ceiling ranges of Fuji and Array. Fuji is a 3D acoustic tile that can be directly fixed to the ceiling or suspended in a multitude of configurations. Available in four colourways, including dual colour, this collection is 100 per cent PET (64 per cent recycled), has low VOC emissions and is rated Global GreenTag™ GreenRATE Level A.

Array Baffles 12mm in colourway 500 (Image courtesy of The Tailored Studio)

Array, on the other hand, is a fully scalable acoustic ceiling system that can accommodate 12-millimetre and 24-millimetre baffles. There is a colour for every occasion and the unique design of this product ensures that it is a feature of note as well as offering acoustic excellence.

With the introduction of the ceiling portfolio (that can also be installed on walls), and responding to the needs of architects and designers, contractors and installers, Woven Image also offers an in-house design service and project delivery team to service the ceiling sector.

Of course, the Ion, Gem, Zen and Pico Embossed panels ranges are also available, each with their own inimitable designs to suit every space and project. Whether on the wall or ceiling, Woven Image acoustic products are formed with design and sustainability as the driving force and it’s a winning combination.

Pico in colourway 274 (Image courtesy of Woven Image)

It’s not easy to be a leader in your field. It takes hard work, dedication and application. To be the best takes stamina. Our Luminaires in 2023 have all forged their individual pathways and continue to work and innovate. So too has Woven Image, a business that never stops its quest for excellence in design and manufacture.We celebrate The Luminaries in the 2023 INDE.Awards as we applaud Woven Image and we invite all architects and designers to enter the 2023 INDE.Awards in the many categories here. While The Luminary is not a category available to enter, now is the time to start making your mark as a creative of distinction and travel the road to become a Luminary of the future.