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Announcing Wilkhahn, Your Official Partner for the 2017 Luminary INDE.Award

  •   12 April 2017

The INDE.Awards is proud to announce that Wilkhahn is your Official Partner for the 2017 Luminary: a union of innovation and refinement.

The Luminaries: the leading lights of Architecture and Design. While the legacy of A+D is the work of many hands, there will always be those individuals casting a long shadow across multiple disciplines, or excelling ahead of the pack in one. These are the people that we at Indesign Media Asia Pacific have celebrated for the last 16 years within Indesign Magazine, with Luminary alumni including A+D heavyweights such as Rosemary Kirkby, John Wardle and Peter Stutchbury.

In 2017 we have changed tack, and for the inaugural year of the INDE.Awards, have decided to leave the decision of our Luminaries up to you, our discerning and forward-thinking audience. Partnered with German manufacturer of intelligent and progressive ergonomic furniture, Wilkhahn, the nominees of the Luminary Award is being put to a people’s choice vote.

The Luminaries are those who strive to change the world of design; who challenge the design industry to be better; to push us all in the direction of innovation and constant improvement. It’s these qualities that make Wilkhahn such a fitting partner for this year’s award. Known worldwide for their pioneering designs and state-of-the-art engineering, the Wilkhahn philosophy, since the company’s inception over 100 years ago, has been directly aligned with that of our nominees and all Luminary alumni – a lifelong commitment to design finesse and distinction. 

“See things in perspective. Be attentive. Keep an inquiring mind.”

In the world of Wilkhahn, that doctrine has led to the creation of the highest quality office furniture gracing the commercial sector for over sixty years; dynamic task chairs supporting the human body to move, ensuring motion-based seating and a more relaxing work experience; space-saving folding tables, promoting the dynamic working environment to which we have become accustomed; conference chairs which are every bit as stylish as they are practical. Like our Luminaries, Wilkhahn continues to set benchmarks for the entire industry and provide a whole workforce generation with the design solutions that will empower communal and individual success long in to the future.

To view this year’s nominees and vote for the one you think is most deserving, read more here.