Announcing Your 2017 Official Partner for Building INDE.Award

  •   11 April 2017

As the most prestigious award of the night, The Building prize comes with great responsibility. To select a single project that marks a new direction in the future of architecture, and its capacity to respond to its local place and culture, is no mean feat. Everything about the nominated projects will be under scrutiny, from its construction, to its design, and its occupancy.

Does the building demonstrate advancement in architectural practice in regards to form, technology or materiality? Does it represent a new, or re-invented method of design in process and/or the final outcome? Is it distinctive and imaginative, significant of a contextually relevant, yet rebellious approach to architecture?

Of the nominees, and ultimately the winner, the answer to the aforementioned questions must all be a resounding, ‘yes.’

Of course the official partner for this year’s Building Award, Cult, is not typically associated with any architectural output. They are, after all, a provider of exceptional designer furniture. However, the same characteristics that will embody the nominees of the Building Award are present in the products that Cult chooses to represent; characteristics that Cult has excelled at identifying for the past twenty years.

Cult’s suite of brands all celebrate what may be traditionally identified as architectural thinking, but at a smaller scale. The importance of process, delicacy of form, virtues of concision and the recognition of an audience that occupies a specific time and a specific place are all necessary considerations for successful furniture design, as they are for the buildings that Cult’s brands inhabit.

Cult, the official partner for the 2017 INDE.Awards Building Prize.