The Multi-Residential Building category at the 2023 INDE.Awards

  •   17 March 2023

Great architecture and design play a crucial role in our lives. They create aesthetically pleasing spaces, provide shelter, and enhance our well-being.  The Multi-Residential Building category at the INDE.Awards showcases numerous projects that set trends and raise the bar in all aspects of design, and the entries in 2023 are certainly expected to continue this tradition.

Bosch, a company renowned for uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability, is the proud supporter of The Multi-Residential Building Category at the 2023 INDE. Awards.

The 2019 Multi-Residential Building Category Winner – Short Lane (Woods Bagot, Australia). Photography by: Trevor Mein

Founded in 1886 by visionary Robert Bosch, Bosch began as a workshop for precision and electrical engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. For generations, Bosch has been making everyday life easier by manufacturing home appliances of the highest quality, providing people with more time to focus on the other enjoyments in life. Bosch has received over 200 design awards in the past five years, a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Bosch’s stylish and innovation-driven products cater perfectly to the needs and requirements of the multi-residential market. It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and, through innovation and style, Bosch offers a range of products that enhance this very special space in a residence. Recently we have seen a trend shifting away from the traditional stainless steel look towards sleek black kitchen appliances, which is perfectly encapsulated by the new, award-winning Bosch Series 8 accent|line carbon black appliances. The design of the collection seamlessly integrates into a kitchen and provides a sophisticated silhouette for the high quality, modern kitchen build.

Bosch built-in black glass oven with steam function

With high-performance, user-friendly features, exceptional design and state-of-the-art technology, the Bosch Series 8 accent|line collection offers a full suite of perfectly-matched carbon black kitchen appliances that includes black glass ovens, a built-in fully automatic coffee machine, compact oven and warming drawer.

While material and colour trends have changed, so too has the way we cook; the Bosch 2-in-1 induction cooktop with integrated ventilation is certainly a choice that can elevate not only the way we cook, but also a kitchen design. Designed with black glass to match the accent|line oven range, this innovative induction cooktop with integrated ventilation allows for an unobstructed view across an island bench cooktop – without an overhead rangehood becoming the focal point of the kitchen. This innovation creates a more inviting space in the kitchen and can also help realise an architect or designer’s vision of a more spacious design.

Bosch 2-in-1 induction cooktop with integrated ventilation

Architects and designers have increasingly embraced and included sustainability initiatives in their multi-residential projects. Similarly, Bosch has focused its efforts in the sustainability space, with the core belief that sustainable living starts with sustainable building.

Bosch products are manufactured to leave no carbon footprint and have high water and energy ratings that can help contribute to a more eco-friendly build. At the heart of its sustainability strategy are three key dimensions: environmental protection, social responsibility and long-term sustainability, which Bosch believes are not only important for the planet but are also the foundation of a successful business.

Since the end of 2020, operations at all BSH locations worldwide have been carbon neutral, which means that the development and manufacturing of products leaves no carbon footprint. The aim is to achieve 100 percent green energy at all BSH sites by 2030 and, in addition, to further reduce product energy consumption contributing to lower energy bills and less CO2 emissions at home.

The 2020 Multi-Residential Building Category Winner – Mermaid Multihouse (Partners Hill with Hogg & Lamb, Australia). Photography by: Shantanu Starick

Sustaining our world to ensure the wellbeing of future society is imperative and Bosch is actively working to minimise the use of resources, emissions and consumption along the entire value chain: from sourcing and manufacturing to the usage and return, refurbishment, recycling and the reuse of appliances.

Architects and designers would agree that innovation, sustainability and functionality are fundamental to a good design, and similarly they underpin Bosch’s product portfolio. In supporting The Multi-Residential Building category at the 2023 INDE.Awards, Bosch has a connected vision with the design community, where great design and fine products are united to achieve best practice.

The 2023 INDE.Awards is now open. We encourage all architects and designers to enter your outstanding multi-residential projects here and have the opportunity to showcase your practice and your talent.