Photography by Stefano Scata.

Leading the Pack

  •   27 February 2021

The 2021 INDE.Awards comprises of categories that cover every sector of design however The Influencer is in a league of its own. Throughout our Indo-Pacific region there are buildings that are exemplars, that stand the test of time, make an impression and leave a legacy and The Influencer category seeks to celebrate projects such as this.

As supporter of The Influencer in this year’s INDE.Awards, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) is deeply committed to recognising and supporting best practice.

Regional Director American Hardwood Exports Council Oceania, India, MENA, Rod Wiles commented, “The Influencer category is all about setting the design agenda for the future and a significant part of that is thinking about the impact of the material we use. For a sustainable resource, it makes complete sense for the American Hardwood Export Council to align with this category.”

Photography by Stefano Scata.

There is no doubt that iconic buildings are not created every day but to showcase those that rise above the design norm is to explore architecture that makes a difference, both aesthetically and on a human scale.

Through AHEC’s commitment to produce and supply products that are sustainable, it seeks to also make a difference as it actively connects with manufacturers, architects and designers to help achieve success in a multitude of projects and commissions.

Wiles further added, “An important part of what we do is to provoke the exploration of different materials in contemporary design and challenge conventional ways of thinking. Last year we sponsored The Influencer category and were inspired by the quality and diversity of the work from countries across the Indo-Pacific region. It was also important to us how environmental responsibility was at the heart of so many of the entries, as American hardwoods are one of the few materials that can unequivocally demonstrate true sustainability.”

The winner of The Influencer in the 2020 INDE.Awards was Riverbend, Bambu Indah by IBUKA. This luxury retreat in Indonesia epitomises the idea of sustainability in every way – from the concept and build through to the client experience.

Designing for the future is designing with sustainability in mind and AHEC as the leading international trade association for the U.S. hardwood industry collaborates with a global community in order to spread the word of renewable resource and fine design.

We are excited to anticipate the ultimate winner in The Influencer category in the INDE.Awards 2021 that recognises the best in design that influences the rest.

The 2021 INDE.Awards are open and now is the time to enter a project of distinction in The Influencer.