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Best of the Best

  •   28 February 2021

As the only awards program that encompasses the Indo-Pacific region, the INDE.Awards seeks to celebrate the very best in architecture and design. Through 15 categories the INDE.Awards brings to a global audience the talent of a multitude of creatives, their projects and their products. While entering the awards, being shortlisted or even winning category is a special honour, to be crowned Best of the Best is the ultimate achievement.

As our Platinum supporter and sponsor of the Best of the Best category, Zenith is well-placed to understand just what it takes to achieve this accolade – after all this company is also the best and has been at the forefront of design, manufacturing and distributing leading products to the architecture and design community since the 1950s.

Matt Vescovo, Brand Director at Zenith comments that, “It’s always a huge honour to be associated with Best of the Best, and as the name suggests, you can’t get any better! Being the Platinum sponsor for the last five years, we’ve watched the INDE.Awards grow into something that is truly recognised as an international awards program. It’s been a real joy to see such diversity in genre of projects across the Asia Pacific region.”

The Best of the Best recognises a project from among all the categories that has been deemed the ultimate design from the jury. It is a distinction for just one project and is the most prized of all the accolades bestowed in the INDE.Awards. In 2020, Goy Architects received the Best of the Best award for Sukasantai Farmstay in Indonesia. The project also won The Social Space category for the design of a family owned and run six-hectacre, organic vegetable farm stay that also includes a communal kitchen, dining space and 12 accommodation rooms.

Photography Fabian Ong.

With more than 473 entries last year from 14 countries in the Indo-Pacific region, the competition was fierce, however Goy Architects’ innovative and leading-edge design prevailed. As an architecture practice with offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, Goy Zhenru, Dessy Anggadewi & Sam Loetman are making their presence felt and working hard striving to be the best and here Goy Architects parallels Zenith.

Oliver Field, Zenith’s Creative Director explained that being the best is always at the centre of the Zenith experience, “At Zenith Design Studio, we see it as our fundamental responsibility to elevate the workplace experience. We carefully consider the important role our products play in enabling performance at work; from the perspective of the occupant and the organisation. We strive to provide our clients with a catalogue of relevant and highly resolved solutions; continually adding depth to our product offering.”

Of course it takes hard work and talent to climb the ladder of success but couple this with communication and connectivity with clients and culture, as well as, style and innovation, then those who win the Best of the Best category stand out from the crowd.

Photography Fabian Ong.

This mirrors the values of Zenith and as Karen Miagao, Zenith’s Regional Head of South East Asia says, “Zenith’s ethos is to create products for spaces that inspire people and organisations to excel, while providing efficient services and keeping our promises to our clients, which is mainly the Architect and Design community.

We illustrate this by having a better understanding of the needs of these organisations and giving our utmost in everything we do while keeping ourselves accountable for results.”

Indeed! As we enter the fifth year of the INDE.Awards and discover new and exciting projects designed by outstanding architects and designers throughout our region, we can be proud that the Best of the Best leaves no room for doubt that success can be achieved for those who dare.

To be considered for the Best of the Best, entry is through category that is then decided upon by the 2021 INDE.Awards esteemed jury. Enter now and dare to win!

In the 2020 INDE.Awards, Goy Architects was the recipient of the Best of the Best award for Sukasantai Farmstay in Indonesia and the project also won The Social Space category. Photography Fabian Ong.