(Photographer: Emma Cross. “We Should Be So Lucky” – Multiplicity.)

Shortlist revealed – The Photographer – Residential

  •   29 June 2023

As designers and architects conceive wonderful residences for their clients, we seldom have the opportunity to personally visit such houses. In this category, the residential photographer is key to bringing the vision of a home alive and can take us all on a journey of discovery.

At this year’s INDE.Awards, a new category, The Photographer – Residential, pays tribute to those whose primary focus is the realm of residential photography. Criteria for entry was to portray all aspects of a home and tell the story of its architecture and design through a series of images. This is storytelling at its best, where the photographer interprets the architect or designer’s intention but also reflects their own creativity, through the lens.

Partner of The Photographer – Residential is Image Makers Association Australia, an organisation that represents and supports professional and emerging photographers through education and industry connection. Recently formed, Image Makers Association Australia has grown exponentially and provides advice and mentorships as well as a strong voice for its members.

(Photographer: Kenneth Chao Kai Ho. “Residence T” – Studio: _MATTER.)

The 12 shortlisted in The Photographer – Residential are all outstanding examples of exceptional photographers whose talent and expertise help make a project live and breathe through an image. Congratulations go to,

David Chatfield, Australia
Emma Cross, Australia
Jack Lovel, Australia
Jeremy Weihrauch, Australia
Kenneth Chao Kai Ho, Thailand
Martina Gemmola, Australia
Shannon McGrath, Australia
Simon Wood, Australia
Takumi Ota, Japan
Toby Scott, Australia
Tom Ferguson, Australia (selected twice)

With the 12 photographers in this shortlist, it’s easy to see the various styles that each has developed, but one thing is certain, every photographer creates an impressive visual world that interprets the home with beautiful resolution.

Winners of the 2023 INDE.Awards will be announced on 10 August 2023 at the INDE.Awards Gala in Sydney and broadcast online around the globe.

(Photographer: Martina Gemmola. “WOWOWA Hermon” – Wowowa Architecture)

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