HAYDON Beauty Collection Store by TOMSHI & ASSOCIATES, photo by Zaohui Huang, Peng Zhong

Shop till you drop

  •   2 July 2021

The landscape of retail is ever-changing and this year has seen a resurgence of the shopping experience. The connection to people and the opportunity to personally visit, try and buy is an integral part of retailing that online shopping cannot match. Whether the destination is a large centre, the High Street or a special shop, our fascination and excitement for shopping is one of life’s joys that enhances our day-to-day routine.

House of Madison, Hong Kong by Via., photo by Kevin Mak (1km Studio), Lit Ma (Commonstudio)

As supporter of The Shopping Space in the INDE.Awards 2021, Tappeti as a supplier of superior quality rugs and carpets, knows the value of a curated design within an interior. The look and feel of a design is enhanced by the addition of a rug or carpet.  It  gives a project distinction and a point of difference. 

In perusing the shortlist of The Shopping Space, Karinna Gobbo, director Tappeti commented, “Projects that rely on a concise palette present not only as a beautiful place to experience and represent a more minimal approach.  All the finalists aesthetic represent their client’s  brand creating a memorably experience”

With the diversity of projects comes appropriate design for country and culture, as well as the display of products and the overall retail experience, and the shortlist in The Shopping Space delivers on all levels. 

Four Pillars – Shop, by YSG, photo by Anson Smart

Asked if there were any particular favourites among the shortlist, Gobbo reflected, “The quiet coolness of Four Pillars – Shop leaves the customer with total focus on the product, while The House of Madison in Hong Kong lets the architecture breathe to enhance the products on display. A special mention is the dark and moody design of Sarah & Sebastian that accentuates an ‘other world’ customer experience and is beautiful in its minimalist concept.”

While shopping these days is very much about the experiential, so many of the projects reflect the idea of added value for a customer where the interior translates the style of the product and provides a wondrous place to visit. As we look to the future, retail is also anticipating client needs and raising the design bar to make the personal connection a memorable one.

Sarah & Sebastian by Russell & George, photo by Sean Fennessy

As we consider the ideas of connection and communication, we look forward to the INDE.Awards gala event and INDE.Summit on 5th August in Sydney. As the architecture and design community meet to exchange ideas and reflect on the shortlist projects and practices, we have the opportunity to once again place design at the very top of our agendas, as Gobbo reiterated, “The INDE.Awards gala is an event that brings us all together to celebrate great design. We are very much looking forward to the occasion.”


The Shopping Space

Proudly partnered by Tappeti

Joey Scandizzo Salon by Kennon Architecture & Interiors, photo by Timothy Kaye

Bund Post Office – Institution Redefined
Yatofu Creatives

Citi Wealth Hub
Ministry of Design with Architectural QP: Space Design Architects

Commercial Bay
Warren and Mahoney with Woods Bagot & NH Architecture
New Zealand

ELLA South
Craig Tan Architects

Four Pillars – Shop

Wynk Collaborative

HAYDON Beauty Collection

House of Madison, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Joey Scandizzo Salon
Kennon Architecture & Interiors

Salon Lane
Siren Design

Sarah & Sebastian
Russell & George

Woods Bagot


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