Winner of The Object in 2020 was Stack by Zachary Hanna for nau.

Objects of Desire

  •   18 March 2021

In our world, we are surrounded by objects – big and small, ubiquitous and unique – and they bring to our lives comfort, ease and beauty.

Some objects stand the test of time while others fall by the wayside, but what makes a chair or table, a lamp or a sofa an exemplar? Designing an object takes skill and creativity and an understanding of how to make a vision a reality. To bring a design to manufacture takes time and care and this, coupled with exceptional talent, makes something different in a world filled with many objects.

stack zachary hanna living room

Winner of The Object in 2020 was Stack by Zachary Hanna for nau.

Within the INDE.Awards, The Object showcases new ideas in form and function of furniture, lighting and accessories and also recognises the prowess of object designers in the Indo-Pacific region as they shine on the local and global stages. As supporter of The Object, Haworth is renowned for the design and manufacture of outstanding products to the architecture and design communities.

The company was established in 1948 and during the ensuing decades has developed products that have led a workplace renaissance through premium and innovative design. Not only has Haworth created product that supports and enhances the workplace but the company is committed to sustainability initiatives and was the first office furniture manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1992. As a leader in sustainable practice, Haworth has also achieved zero waste to landfill in all its US manufacturing facilities and LEED certification in its showrooms, including a new headquarters building.

With sustainability at the core, aesthetics is of course a major driver for all Haworth products. Whether that is a wall divider or partition, a chair or desk, storage, lighting or accessories for the office, Haworth carefully curates its offering to support the workplace and provide a better way of living and working.

The INDE.Awards winner of The Object in 2020 was Stack by Zachary Hanna for nau. With multiple functionality, Stack is several living room objects combined in one simple yet refined product – a lamp, a bookshelf and a side table. Crafted from solid natural timber with seamlessly integrated wiring, Stack is a unique object that helps to simplify home living.

The best objects, while useful, represent a clarity of vision and are also something to hand down to the next generation. Timeless design defies trend or fashion, is individual and to be cherished and enjoyed. One single furniture piece can transform an interior, provide an anchor to a space and, through practical application and its beauty, become an integral ‘member’ of a family.

Winner of The Object in 2020 was Stack by Zachary Hanna for nau.

Haworth understands that great design, purpose and form are the mainstays of our working environment and, by providing outstanding choice in product ranges, it is able to meet every requirement for the workplace.

As we celebrate our object designers and makers through the INDE.Awards, we acknowledge the breadth of talent within the Indo-Pacific region. There is no shortage of expertise and the objects created are exemplars not only on the local stage but throughout the world.

As Haworth is committed to providing outstanding products to the architecture and design communities, the INDE.Awards is here to provide a platform to showcase those designers that push the boundaries, create and innovate. By entering The Object category in this year’s INDE.Awards there is the opportunity to showcase the exceptional talent of object makers and celebrate what they bring to our lives. Enter The Object here and stand proud on the INDE.Awards stage as an object designer of note.