Permanent Camping 2, by Casey Brown Architecture with Jeffery Broadfield. Image by Andrew Loiterton

Influencing with style and passion – The Influencer shortlist

  •   26 July 2022

The Influencer in the 2022 INDE.Awards is a singular and powerful category. It acknowledges the potential of innovation in architecture and design and showcases the tangible results of those who create for a better world.

The Influencer category represents projects and products that, through their grass roots sustainability, hope to change our world for the better. This is architecture and design that impacts not only our region but the world at large to really make a difference. This year, the shortlist of The Influencer includes a diverse range of projects and products and each is progressive and sustainable to become a model to influence others.

As supporter of The Influencer, Steelcase understands all these ideas, incorporating sustainability in its ethos and planning for a better future. Steelcase is committed to the wellbeing of the environment and this is integral to its business and all that it does. Sponsoring The Influencer is a way of championing a new and profound pathway for the future and so the synergy between sponsor and category is resolute.

Reflecting on the shortlist of The Influencer this year, Samantha Giam, Vice President, Marketing, Steelcase Asia Pacific remarks that, “There is yet to be a distinct trend of how Covid impacts on consumer and contract user behaviours.” This is true, as at the grassroots level there has always been the same challenges of resources, finance and commitment.

And while sustainable initiatives are key to each of The Influencer shortlist, it is the surprising breadth of innovation that makes each project and product a standout.

Asked if there was a favourite project in the shortlist Giam says, “BillionBricks Home. Achieving carbon neutrality on its own in six years?! Does that need more words?
Beyond that, it will be carbon negative independently….how might we think buildings, interiors and longevity of projects that achieve this goal as an industry?”

Food for thought that’s for certain, but then The Influencer category is the essence of clever thinking and with such an important category, the shortlist in 2022 helps pave the way to bring recognition to design that changes lives and helps care for the planet.

Understanding the values of the category, Giam says, ” The Influencer award is in many ways the most important award, as it’s an outlier signal to how might we rethink the power of place and space.” Succinctly and accurately put.

While we are all looking forward to gathering together in Melbourne on 4th August for the gala party, the announcement of the category winner of The Influencer will be a moment where we will see architecture and design shine. It will be a time when future-thinking design, developed to ensure a more sustainable future, is showcased. As Giam says, the event will be “An acknowledgement that creatives can help better work, life and the planet.”

And after all, great and sustainable design enhances living to embrace the future creating a better world for everyone.


The Influencer

Proudly partnered by Steelcase

ANZ Breathe, by Breathe. Image by Tom Ross

ANZ Breathe

BillionBricks Home, from BillionBricks Homes with Architecture BRIO. Image by Sebastian Zachariah

BillionBricks Home
BillionBricks Homes with Architecture BRIO

The Cobargo Santa Project, by Breathe. Image Pablo Veiga

The Cobargo Santa Project

HARMAY Fang, AIM Architecture. Image by Dirk Weiblen

AIM Architecture

Gurriny Yealamucka Health and Wellbeing Centre, by POD (People Oriented Design) with Coburn Architecture. Image by Scott Burrows

Gurriny Yealamucka Health and Wellbeing Centre
POD (People Oriented Design) with Coburn Architecture

Mohalla Clinics, by Architecture Discipline. Image by Jeetin Sharma

Mohalla Clinics
Architecture Discipline

MPavilion 2021 – The Lightcatcher, by MAP studio. Imaqe by Anthony Richardson

MPavilion 2021 – The Lightcatcher
MAP Studio

Nyul Nyul Community Packing Sheds, by SJB with Promena, Van der Meer Consulting, The Orana Foundation, Bruno Dann and the Nyul Nyul Community. Image courtesy of SJB

Nyul Nyul Community Packing Sheds
SJB, Promena, Van der Meer Consulting, The Orana Foundation and Bruno Dann

Permanent Camping 2, by Casey Brown Architecture with Jeffery Broadfield. Image by Andrew Loiterton

Permanent Camping 2
Casey Brown Architecture with Jeffery Broadfield

pond[er], by Taylor Knights with Dr. James Carey and the Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association. Image by Tom Ross

Taylor Knights collaborating with Dr. James Carey

Two Good Co – Ocean Plastic Soap Dispenser, by Two Good Co, Vert Design, Charter Hall. Image by Ken Spain

Two Good Co – Ocean Plastic Soap Dispenser
Two Good Co, Vert Design, Charter Hall

The Upcycling Hub, by AirLab SUTD. Image Fabian Ong

The Upcycling Hub


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