Five Reasons To Enter The INDE.Awards 2020

  •   14 February 2020

The countdown is on! As you get down to business with your INDE.Awards entries, we give you five reasons why your time is being well spent.




1. We’re celebrating the best of the decade! 

In 2020, we’re marking the twentieth anniversary of Indesign Media Asia Pacific and the start of a new decade with two special award categories. Best of the Decade | The Living Space and Best of the Decade | The Work Space celebrate ten years’ worth of outstanding, milestone residential and workplace projects.

Why? It’s a chance to collectively look back on how we’ve progressed in our region, and to consider where we’ll go from here.

“These two special award categories for 2020 will show just how influential our region’s designers and architects have been over an extended period. The ‘Best of the Decade’ adds even more weight to our message that the world must take note of our region,” says Raj Nandan, Founder & CEO, Indesign Media Asia Pacific.

best of the decade

Cornwall Gardens by CHANG Architects (Singapore), winner of The Living Space, 2017. Photo by Albert Lim KS


2. Join the regional conversation that we all need.

The INDE.Awards have always been an excellent conduit for regional discussion. We’re formalising that discussion this year with the first ever INDE.Summit.

This one-day conference in Sydney will explore how the Indo-Pacific region’s architects and designers are innovating in the face of critical challenges. Mark your calendar now for 14 August 2020 and stand by for details of topics and speakers. Expect a strong regional cast diving into the issues that matter to the Indo-Pacific.

As the for Awards themselves, we know that ours is an exceptionally diverse region with a spectrum of economies. The Awards strive to present entrants with a level playing field for recognition and celebration. As part of that initiative, scaled entry fees are available for select countries within the region.

INDE.Awards 2019 Gala, Melbourne. Photo by Einwick


3. Gain international exposure for your work and studio.

It goes without saying. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what two of our INDE.Awards 2019 winners have to say about exposure and feedback!

“From our personal experience, the INDE.Awards provide an amazing opportunity to showcase your work with some of the most innovative projects in the world. The broad exposure through print, online and events is unlike any other awards. And the focus on our region makes it particularly relevant to clients.” – David Kaunitz of Kaunitz Yeung Architecture (Australia), Winner, The Wellness Space 2019 and INDE.Awards Ambassador 2020.

“This is an opportunity for international recognition and to gain valuable feedback from leading designers and editors. It’s also a platform to exhibit work from the region and to converge. This year’s celebration of Best of the Decade and the INDE.Summit make it all the more special.” – Palinda Kannangara of Palinda Kannangara Architects (Sri Lanka), Honourable Mention, The Living Space 2019 & 2018 and INDE.Awards Ambassador 2020.

Winners, Judges, Ambassadors and the Indesign media team at the INDE.Awards 2019 Gala, Melbourne. Photo by Einwick


4. Demonstrate your relevance in challenging times.

It’s been a rough start to the year, hasn’t it? All the more reason to demonstrate how your work and perspective bring resilience through intelligent and sensitive design.

Says INDE.Awards Judge Luke Yeung (Architectkidd, Thailand): “This year is shaping up to be a transformational one… As we all know design is not an isolated discipline but one that involves social, policy and cultural issues. I’m curious how these challenges are impacting the designs and architecture that are currently being realised in the region.”

Brick Cave by H&P Architects (Vietnam), shortlisted inThe Building and The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2019. Photo by Nguyen Tien Thanh


5. Be part of the strengthening of our region.

As the first and only regional design awards of its kind, the INDE.Awards has brought recognition and growth to the firms that have entered and won. “Last year we saw an incredibly high calibre of entrants, shortlisters and winners, which revealed the progressive nature and influential power of our region’s designs,” says Indesign Media Asia Pacific Founder and CEO, Raj Nandan.

The INDE.Awards calls on architects and designers to think big and look beyond their immediate locale to be part of the voice of progressive design in our region. We have plenty to be proud of in the Indo-Pacific. Take that message to the world stage with the INDE.Awards 2020!

Indesign Media Asia Pacific Founder & CEO Raj Nandan at the INDE.Awards 2019 Gala, Melbourne. Photo by Einwick



Now is the time to enter your most progressive work in the INDE.Awards 2020! 


Enter now! You have until 21 February 2020 to join the regional conversation and make your mark.