11 reasons to Enter the 2019 INDE.Awards

  •   14 January 2019

In an era where globalisation has opened up a world of opportunity to all, it’s the strength of our community – and that inherent sense of unity that comes from within – that enriches our life’s work with both meaning and significance.

Never was this more apparent than at the INDE.Awards in Singapore, last June, when a diverse group of creatives – hailing from across the Indo-Pacific – came together to celebrate the region’s most progressive designs, and pay homage to the exceptionally talented practitioners who are putting it on the global map.

INDE awards 2018 audience

The INDE.Awards 2018 ceremony about to get underway at the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach.


Symbolising that ‘coming together’ of a large and dynamic regional design community, the INDEs is built upon the conviction that our region produces some of the most outstanding architecture and design in the world.

As Lily Goodwin of Pattern Studio (Honourable Mention, The Shopping Space, 2018), says: “It was truly inspiring to come together with the design community to celebrate some of the most thoughtful and exciting projects… The sense of camaraderie and support we felt as a young studio was unreal, it was so good to connect with other designers in such a warm and welcoming environment. The entire event really was a celebration of the work of all nominees and the outstanding quality of design in the Asia Pacific region.”

Pattern Studio, photo by Alisha Tuckey.


Categories put the emphasis on progressive design

Integral to the INDEs is its carefully developed platform of awards categories and a finely tuned entry process tailored to the entrant and their geographic location.

Categories encompass 11 Jury-decided awards categories, and an extra two categories in which independently nominated entrants are awarded based on People’s Choice voting. Working with Indesign Media’s team of in-house editors and brand directors, the INDEs team has devised each and every category to put the emphasis on progressive architecture and design, in all its forms, with a particular focus given to cultural context, location and user needs relative to that.

INDE Awards 2018 The Building Marina One

Singapore project Marina One by Ingenhoven Architects with Architects 61 won an Honourable Mention in The Building category in 2018. Photo by HG Esch.


“INDE.Awards is unique,” comments architect Palinda Kannangara who received an Honourable Mention for The Living Space (2018), and has joined the INDEs as an Ambassador in 2019.

“Without judging through a generic global lens, it celebrates the diversity of architectural thought and design, recognising projects for their contextual approach and values, irrespective of scales. We were honoured that a project from our small island practice received this recognition.”

Palinda Kannangara's Artist's Retreat, which received an Honourable Mention in the 2018 INDE.Awards.

Palinda Kannangara’s Artist’s Retreat, which received an Honourable Mention in the 2018 INDE.Awards. Photo by Sebastian Posingis.

Creating a level playing field for all

Recognising the many economies that make up the Indo-Pacific’s vast geographic spread, the Awards strives to present entrants with a level playing field for recognition and celebration. As part of that initiative, scaled entry fees are available for select countries within the region. These include Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, India Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam.

INDE Awards 2018 Shopping Space Oka Haus

Oka Haus Sales Office Interior in Bangkok by Anonym Studio was shortlisted in The Shopping Space category in 2018. Photo by Wison Tungthunya.

A program designed to put your voice first

Not to be overlooked is the INDEs’ multi-faceted program, which encompasses an impressive group of Judging Alumni, and a round-table of Ambassadors – all members of the INDEs’ design hall of fame.

In 2019 the INDE.Awards Jury represents a select group of industry experts, thought leaders and designers hailing from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the UK, USA and Denmark.

“I look for fresh and timely, imaginative and responsible interpretations and iterations.” – Shashi Caan, 2019 INDE.Awards Jury

Returning Juror, Shashi Caan of SC COLLECTIVE, has been impressed by the calibre of INDE.Awards submissions she has encountered to date. “It’s exciting to see so many great projects, but also challenging to make responsible selections given the level of talent and competency.

“For me, when reviewing projects, I look for fresh and timely, imaginative and responsible interpretations and iterations,” she says. “I especially love work which sensitively shapes new behaviours and demonstrates a deep understand of design vocabulary and skill, thereby giving new meaning and potentially generating new genre of typology.”

Shashi Caan at the 2018 INDE.Awards Gala. Shashi returns to the INDE.Awards Jury in 2019.

Shashi Caan at the 2018 INDE.Awards Gala. Shashi returns to the INDE.Awards Jury in 2019.

Discover the INDEs design hall of fame

Handpicked from the INDEs design hall of fame is its 2019 Ambassadors. Hailing from every corner of the Indo-Pacific, their stories are an inspiring call-to-action for practitioners to dream big, enter now, and make their mark on the region.

“As a small practice, coming from a small island on the southern tip of that region, it just goes to show that this awards program does facilitate recognition for work that is on the margins, regionally,” says Mat Hinds of Taylor and Hinds Architects – winner of Best of the Best, and The Building (2018), and Ambassador to the INDEs in 2019.

“We were completely overwhelmed. It allowed us to focus on the meaning of the project in a broader regional context. We saw it had potency for an entire region of the world, beyond the community of people who were our client,” he says.

INDE Awards 2018 Taylor Hinds

Acceptance speech from Mat Hinds and Poppy Taylor of Hobart-based Taylor & Hinds Architects – winner of The Building category and Best of the Best.


“That was testimony to the power of the message of architecture, that it can cut through that scale of things. It meant our small studio and practice was given more meaning, we could see that all the hard work was significant and it meant something. It increased the confidence of our practice hugely. It’s given us an immense sense of confidence in our professional capacity.

“Our clients realised they had engaged architects that were serious about doing good work that speaks to a quality that belongs to an entire region; that we were cosmopolitan, outward-looking and sought to make an impact, and that was recognised through the award.

“Having that happen for us was great. People who never said anything to us about our work suddenly started speaking. It opened a gateway of meaning for our work. It gave it a platform and we hope to build on that.”

“[Winning the INDEs] meant our small studio and practice was given more meaning… It increased the confidence of our practice hugely.” – Mat Hinds, 2019 INDE.Awards ambassador

INDE Awards 2018 Building krakani-lumi

krakani-lumi in Tasmania, designed by Taylor and Hinds Architects, won The Building category and Best of the Best in 2018. Photo by Adam Gibson.

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Event photography by Mark Lee.