A Trophy With Spirit. Dinosaur Designs Partner With The INDEs Again In 2018

  •   1 February 2018

It was with tremendous excitement that we announced our trophy partner for the inaugural INDE.Awards last year. Dinosaur Designs are a one-of-a-kind design powerhouse with an aesthetic that is distinctly theirs: vibrantly coloured, dramatically shaped, and oh so desirable! And the INDE.Awards trophies, which were custom designed and made just for us, aligned beautifully with the DNA of the awards – innovative, bold and fearless.

We’re thrilled to announced that we are partnering with Dinosaur Designs again this year for the INDE.Awards trophies! Yes, you admired them on the gala stage last year, and one of the distinctive INDEs trophies could be yours this year.

Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen – the brains behind Dinosaur Designs – reflect so much of the essence behind INDE. “When we were approached by Indesign to be part of this, it was quite exciting to hear that there was an award being created. It was an honour to be asked to design the trophy,” said Ormandy. “Quite often you’re on your own working in your studio. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate that [hard work], and to celebrate design in our region.”


Above: Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen interviewed at the INDE.Awards 2017 gala


The trophy’s design evolved from the graphic identity of the INDEs, celebrating our iconic gold dot and our deep shade of green. But this is no mere trophy, as Ormandy explains: “Quite often I look to our existing products to see, is there opportunity to do something with what we’re doing and turn it into a trophy. And that’s the nice thing about this work – it can be a trophy or a vase.”

Dinosaur Designs has always reflected the spirit of design in our region, so we couldn’t be happier to be partnering again to reflect that spirit for the INDE.Awards.

Want one of these beauties on your shelf? Get your INDE.Awards entries in quick! You only have until 9 February!