Deloitte Workplace Sydney


Establishing a global benchmark for quality, exceptional experience and elevated performance, Deloitte’s new headquarters is a space emblematic of Sydney’s famous harbour.

Located inside the award-winning Quay Quarter Tower (QQT), the project redefines how large workplaces are conceived and used. Designed during the Covid-19 lockdowns, its central purpose is to enable hybrid work, build capability and innovation and support world-class client engagement.

Arranged over 14 floors in four interconnected ‘vertical villages’, each village caters to the diverse work styles, roles, personalities and preferences within the Deloitte community.

By combining Hassell and Deloitte’s insights on modern work trends, integrating seamless technology and prioritising a holistic approach to sustainability, the outcome is a compelling, diverse, sensory-rich environment. Imbued with a captivating sense of place that quite literally draws people in, it encourages active participation, instils innate pride — and is already a place that people love.


Furniture: Lowe, Lowe Furniture, Unifor, Unifor Australia, Vitra, Vitra Australia, Carl Hansen, Cult, &Tradition, Cult, Herman Miller, Living Edge, Steelcase, Steelcase Australia, BNB Italia, Space Furniture, Cassina, Mobilia, Verpan, Great Dane, Wilkhahn, Wilkhahn Australia, Dowel Jones, Own World. Lighting: Xal, Est Lighting, Flos. Euroluce, & Tradition, Cult, Vitra, Unifor Australia. Finishes: Woodwall, Elton Group, AB Pure, Geoflooring, Veneer, Briggs, Veneer, Paint, Dulux, Tretford Carpet, Gibbon Group, Comcork, Safety floors Australia, Bisazza, Bisazza Australia, Laminex, Laminex Australia, Kvadrat, Kvadrat Maharam. Fittings & Fixtures: Abey, Zip, Blum, Madinoz, Kethy.


Photography: Earl Carter, Rusty Crawshaw