Tyro Payments


Tyro Payments required a future-fit workspace that would promote connection, innovation, diverse thinking, and inclusion. As the business is heavily reliant on the skills of a neurodiverse workforce, it was imperative to create an environment that would allow everyone to thrive.

The design concept was based on four key design pillars, connectivity, innovation, diversity and flexibility. The new work space accommodates 650 employees across 6000-square-metres and includes a bespoke central staircase that connects six internal levels and encourages meeting and connecting.

Technology becomes a function, not a feature with a custom-designed centralised app that enables smartphone-controlled entry, automated locker access, workspace bookings, and connection to existing printing facilities.

A variety of different workspaces accommodate the full spectrum of sensory preferences and incorporate considered edges and boundaries enabling people to self-select spaces according to interaction preferences.

Innovative thinking is encouraged through flexible project pods, breakout spaces, training, media rooms, meeting points, and boardrooms. This is supported by flexible furniture, barista bars, games spaces, library pods, murals, and a Lego creation space.

The project was workshopped with The Gaimaragal Group’s founding director Susan Moylan-Coombs, who made recommendations for the display of Traditional Custodians’ artwork, creating a visual and emotional connection.

This project is a future workspace blueprint, demonstrating how design is a critical element in inclusive employer value propositions.


Furniture: Walter Knoll, Wilkhahn, Koskela, Montage, Vitra (reused). Lighting: iGuzzini. Finishes: Tretford, Polytec, Dulux, Conclad. Fittings & Fixtures: Vola, Miele.


Photography: Tyrone Branigan