Exotic Food (XO)

IF (Integrated Field)

Exotic Food (XO) is a public company whose business involves exportation of Thai food and flavours to countries worldwide. The foundation of XO’s success lies in its potential to constantly be adaptive to changes. The decision to improve and expand the office, especially, in this particular time, coincides with the belief that “office space will remain and become more important, even in the time when people no longer need to physically be at an office in order to work.” The current and future offices will therefore not only cater to work practices of the past but are expected to represent and communicate the organisation’s corporate identity while facilitating collective goals and unity among employees.

Utilising the colours red and black, and other elements helps to convey XO’s identity and create a strong, unified image, discernible to both the company personnel and visitors.

XO is divided into four sections. The “Support Core” is designed to improve staff’s work efficiency and consists of small meeting rooms, phone booths for online meetings, managers’ offices, workshop room and storage. “Main Core” comprises the main office area and other functional spaces such as the canteen, bar and amphitheatre. The “External Core” has been created to accommodate visitors and is made up of two main meeting rooms that can be partitioned or connected into one large conference room supporting various functions from formal meetings, group workshops or class lectures. The “Internal Core” is a casual workspace designed to encourage team-working environments.

The front of the ‘Main Core’ when combined with ‘External Core’ and ‘Internal Core’, creates a large, connected functional space referred to as the XO Core. This particular part of the floorplan is used to host activities representing the organisation’s corporate identity, especially those with a large number of attendants such as Town Hall or company parties.

Furniture: Flo, Modernform, Wurkon. Finishes:Wilsonart, Rococo, Feltech, Pentens, Toa. Fittings & Fixtures: Hafele.

Photography courtesy of IF