Dexus Place, 80 Collins Street

Warren and Mahoney

Dexus Place is a co-working, private suite and event space located in 80 Collins, Melbourne. The creative strategy of the “Alter Ego” grounded the project with a unique proposition which drives a highly experiential workspace. As a community space, it celebrates uniqueness, difference, and extremes, inviting all kinds of users and members to enjoy the facility.

The facility must work very hard to achieve its revenue, it provides workspace for 240 members across 2680 square metres and there are 17 private suites, supported by six meeting rooms and five event spaces, terraces, and communal lounge zones. There is a blend of hard spaces (exposed and raw) and soft transitions (plush and colourful) which clearly define destinations in the environment. The choice of materials is additive to these experiences.

The hero of Dexus Place is the stair – it is clad in ripple steel with a large prismatic ceiling above and a three-storey drop of sheer curtains to diffuse, reflect, and refract light in the space. Victorian ash anchors the host space on level six, with copper clad joinery and steel mesh to play with light further, while level five is a softer carpeted zone in the quiet lounge.

Dexus Place has a design language which is expressed in the following ways. It is a provocation of extremes, exploring a broad spectrum of ambience. It amplifies light, playing with light and shade in interesting ways. There are soft transitions which are active and passive, heightening user awareness of change. It is unapologetically urban, honouring honesty of the built form and services. Wherever possible, sustainable, recycled and/or circular products where specified in carpets, paints, workstations and ceilings.

Joy and Indigo Armchair, Lola Lounge, Billie Bench, Otis, Sidney & Pepper Tables – Jardan
Arper, Adapt by Ross Gardam, M.A.D Furniture Design, Stylus & Thinking Works – Stylecraft
Orbis Workstation System, Platform Chair * Stools – Zenith
Very Task & Wire Stacking Chairs – Haworth
Custom Bar Leaner / Underline Table – Design Nation / District
Kartell Comonbili – Space

Finishes: Staab Décor, Baumann, G-LUX holder, National Tiles, Instyle, Interface, Mr Fräg, Milliken, Autex (Frontier Acoustic Baffles, Tundra), Havwoods, Kvadrat Maharam. Fittings & Fixtures: Lotus, Caroma, Billie, Alpha Catering, Bradley, Corian.

Photography: Nicole England