The Launch Pad

The Studio* Collaborative

Hyper flexibility is the key to longevity of currency for a working innovation space. In this Sydney CBD space for Westpac, a series of experiential chambers have been created to nudge behaviours and shift the mindset into readiness for creation. Tribes can form quickly, disintegrate and reform with ease. The entire space can shift from five working venture rooms to one large forum space.

The brief was to showcase innovation and provide an everyday workspace for agile teams. The space was to make innovation accessible to users internal and external to Westpac, and to cater to different work styles – structured, unstructured, individual and teams. The designers at The Studio* Collaborative positioned the space for longevity by enabling it to regenerate and reinvent itself through hyper flexible componentry. And they drew on the art of play through hands-on processes that mimic unrestrained childhood play.

The space is sectioned into a series of journeys – three experiential chambers, venture rooms, two customer test labs and an observational behavioural insights room. Whilst the three entry chambers are highly choreographed – the venture rooms themselves are progressive in their absence of visual clutter and noise. The space doesn’t impose itself – rather it allows the patrons to curate the space as they need. An organic bulkhead and curtain weaves its way through the entire space, providing a metaphoric connection/dialogue ribbon. It also conceals computer terminals and provides a backdrop for digital projection.

The venture rooms are a blank canvas and ask nothing more of the user other than to create – to mimic childlike activities, remove pre-conceptions, the fear of making mistakes and unlearn some of the behaviours that inhibit fresh thinking. The preceding chambers prepare them for that. This is not a place for gimmickry. It’s raw, potent and solution focussed. This is the hub for future ways of working at Westpac.

Furniture: Kezu, Living Edge, Jardan, Design Nation, Haworth, Schiavello. Lighting: Inlite, Darkon. Finishes: Bolon, Manetto Joinery, SAS, Europanel, Kvadrat Mahram. Fittings & Fixtures: Everblock, Lego, George & Willy.

Photography: Steve Brown Photography