IDIN Architects Office

IDIN Architects

IDIN Architects’ office in the Ratchadaphisek area of Bangkok consists of three zones. The architects’ studio covers most of the site; a cafe (which welcomes coffee lovers) serves as a reception for the company’s clients as well as the recreation area for staff during the day; and a private residential area caters to the office’s Principal.

Ratchadapisek is one of the most chaotic districts in Bangkok, so the main concept for the building was to hide away from this diverse context and create a private creative office. The design process began with addressing the narrowness of the site by aligning the building along one side of the plot, and creating open spaces between the building and the fence. The building mass is interwoven with terraces and courtyards for connection with natural light and greenery.

Within this mass, the three main functions are organised in a hierarchy of spaces. The cafe and meeting room are at the front on the ground floor, the working space is on the second floor, and the private suite for the owner is in the rear zone on the third floor. The cafe can be seen from the main entrance. The rest will reveal itself respectively as one walks through the building.

IDIN regards the ideal architects’ working space as one with a relaxing atmosphere, good quality of light and comfortable temperature. Therefore, this area is open to the north where tall trees are planted. Conversely, in order to block the heat during the day, staircases and solid walls are positioned at the west and south. Burnt cedar was chosen to be the main finishing material, and it appears continuously on the feature walls from exterior to interior. The dark-coloured material is conceptually in line with the idea of hiding from the surrounding chaos.

Generally, in offices, the most importance is ascribed to welcome areas and meeting rooms that can immediately impress clients. At the IDIN Architects Office, the most pleasant space is occupied by the designers. The underlying belief is that the better the quality of the designer’s life, the more efficient pieces of work they will provide.

Furniture: Modernform. Lighting: Lamptitute. Finishes: Pammastic, Vista. Fittings & Fixtures: Hafele, American Standard.

Photography: Spaceshift Studio, Ketsiree Wongwan