The Cloud

Foolscap Studio

The Cloud is an experimental social space and design destination created by and for Foolscap Studio. As an agile workplace, an environment for idea generation and a welcoming haven away from home, it represents a future for the merging of a creative studio with product design and prototyping, hospitality occasions and wellness initiatives. The Cloud is fast becoming a destination for design events, collaborations and experiences. Industry leaders come together to work, benefiting both their own projects and nurturing the networking and mentoring of younger team members.

Current programming ranges from topical discussions and launch events through to yoga Wednesdays and informal Friday hangs with like-minded locals. Run by creatives for creatives, the space aims to build upon what we’ve learned from our experiments, research and involvement with co-working platforms, challenge the status quo and push the potential for holistically productive workplaces.

In building its own space, Foolscap Studio strove to push progressive workplace design further than it had before – shifting the current paradigm for design studios and event spaces. More than multi-disciplinary, The Cloud actively seeks to be a space that encourages and supports interaction and collaboration between colleagues, peers from other studios – even competitors. Challenging the typology of workspaces, it’s a grown-up professionals’ playground.

The Cloud contains dedicated zones for modelling and making by hand, room for art installations and prototyping designs, and a kitchen (with integrated bar and seven-metre-long island) of a calibre to rival some of Australia’s finest hospitality establishments. The scheme is purposefully neutral to showcase the best in design, creative thinking, collaboration and interaction. Mobile planters create moveable partitions, while soft, floating textiles delineate the formal and informal spaces, ensuring the retention of airy openness. The design concept also references the great contemporary art of our time. The result is functional, flexible and inspiring.

Photography: Nicholas Wilkins.