Project Wanderlust

Templewell Studio with Design Stables

This global travel-technology company is growing its APAC hub and Singapore community, and developing a strategy to define the future of its workspace – its aspirations, objectives and working styles. The project is a new fit-out for the expanded workspace in South Beach Road, Singapore, and builds on the client’s Global Workplace Guidelines through the piloting of new work styles.

The dynamic and youthful company has travel as the lifeblood of its business. Capturing this wanderlust whilst elevating the service offering as one would experience in a hotel became a key aspirational driver of the project. Upon entry into the open marketplace and event space, a concierge helps you to a refreshment, secure luggage stowage, a shower room or a work setting. There is connectivity throughout the entire floor, enabling work and play to flow. A 10-metre-long bar can be transformed from a tea point by day to a Japanese whisky bar by night. Flexible furniture settings can be moved to accommodate any event.

With considered finishes, playful forms, and sweeping gestures this workspace expresses the insight and intelligence of the global team within its local context of Singapore. Wellness is promoted through the considered placement of active and quiet work spaces, through the harnessing of natural light and views, and by enabling movement and connectivity.

Templewell’s curated team is part of Design Stables – a collective of culturally aligned design studios who partner on select projects. This platform is an innovative response to a changing global dynamic, which facilitates collaboration between boutique practices on larger projects. The collaborating studios are all responsible for running their own successful businesses and come together out of choice. Clear structures and agreements as to the role of each team member are clearly defined and agreed upon the initiation of the project to allow successful delivery.

Photography: Studio Periphery.