Arup Sydney

HASSELL with Arup

Taking a true ‘one team’ approach with the developer, base build architect, contractor and designers, Arup ensured its Barrack Place office in Sydney put people first. Both inside and out, the building thoughtfully connects people and supports the wellbeing of its tenants and visitors. It has exceptional amenity, indoor air quality, comfort and physical and digital connectivity.

HASSELL partnered with Arup to create a workplace where the exchange of knowledge and skills through learning and experimentation – central tenets of Arup’s work culture – are not only facilitated, but lived by all. HASSELL was engaged early in the construction planning of Barrack Place, with Arup as both building engineer and future tenant. This presented the opportunity to influence the building’s architecture to align with Arup’s vision of the workplace interior.

The heart of Arup’s new Sydney office is a four-storey void, designed by HASSELL into the base building, which connects all five floors of the workspace. With striking horizontal and vertical views across and between floors, this centrepiece presents a clear insight into Arup’s everyday operations and gives a sense of connection. The collaboration spaces centred around and adjacent to the void put the ‘Arup University’ on show – they are an open invitation to both staff and partners to come together for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills.

The fit-out feels distinctively Arup – design-led, collaborative, social and healthy. Team neighbourhoods are rich in work setting options from fixed standing and sit-to-stand desks, quiet spaces, adaptable social and creative spaces and an external terrace. Every detail, every space was specifically designed to respond to and cater for Arup’s daily work needs.

Photography: Earl Carter.