Candlefox HQ

Tom Robertson Architects

The company is young and energetic, so it was important that this was embraced in the design of the Melbourne office. The condition of the space was very poor at best; this meant it was important that the proposal be bright and light, while creating a sophisticated atmosphere. The structure of the business and their staff is centred around small teams that work closely together. This meant that flexibility was important in order to accommodate breakout groups and informal meetings as well as relaxation away from the desk.

The design outcome uses monochromatic tones, which set the framework for the space, while the wandering mesh structure and its garden give a sense of playfulness. In addition, the garden divides the open plan into more intimate spaces and zones. The office now allows plenty of opportunities for employees to socialise among themselves, and entertain clients.

The garden is rapidly growing to become the main feature of the space and the office is now full of natural light and fresh air. One of the greatest challenges during this project was to find the delicate balance between providing enough desks, while avoiding an overly heavy feel within the space.

Since occupying the new office, the client has proudly stated that employees are noticeably happier and this is reflected in productivity. This highlights the value and impact that good design can have in the workplace.

Photography: Lillie Thompson