Honestbee Office

Wynk Collaborative

Honestbee is an online grocery delivery service based in Singapore, with operations in singapore and other parts of the Asian region. Located in an industrial space, the office is designed to accommodate around 120 staff members, with the aim to create an open and collaborative environment that blends the functions of work, play and community.

A complex of spaces are arranged around 2 volumes inserted into the space, one containing a series of meeting rooms and library, and the other a small theatre; creating a variety of situations that allow for different activities to occur, from more tradition desktop work spaces and meeting rooms, to casual seating areas and informal little nooks, to small plaza-like spaces.

There is also a series of enclosed and secret rooms waiting to be discovered. Many of the casual interstitial spaces are designed without a predetermined programme to allow a certain flexibility and spontaneity to happen. The whole complex is unified by the generous splashes of colours throughout and the presence of the existing waffle slab ceiling that is left exposed.