BCG Digital Ventures

Carr Design

Tackle, disrupt, flip, attack, hatch … terminology seemingly more relevant to a rugby pitch than a workplace.But this is exactly the language used to describe the principles underpinning this newest workplace by Carr for BCG Digital Ventures, the global corporate incubation and investment arm of consulting giant, The Boston Consulting Group, in Sydney.

Announcing next generation creative thinking, Carr’s latest workplace for BCG DV is at the forefront of a new digital philosophy with the notions of disruption, confrontation, invention and agility at its core.
Representing Carr’s 7th project for The Boston Consulting Group in as many years it is their first for its investment and incubation arm BCGDV.

“The DV workplace invites the corporate partner on a journey – from visual tunnels acting to challenge pre-conceived ideas and conventions to Immersion Rooms featuring Minority Report style gesture based technology – the experience represents a purposeful disruption to the status quo. It’s about taking businesses out of their comfort zone and catapulting them into a world that aims to invent, build and scale products and businesses at start-up speed.” Dan Cox, Carr, Director – Commercial Interiors.