Maddox Fit

Hecker Guthrie

More than a health club, Maddox is an expression of the future. A new offering that is more than physical fitness; a movement that is brand led, immersive, experiential, and distinctive.

The design concept draws on futuristic expressions of technology and innovation that are juxtaposed by familiar fundamentals such as the natural and humane. This is most apparent in the palette and materiality, with materials such as stainless steel, glass and mirror to create an otherworldly, futuristic interior experience. By contrast, natural materials such as textured wall surfaces and rough sawn timber help ground the space, presenting a sense of rawness and tactility.

The user experience is at the forefront of the client journey and translates across the interior design, signage and personalised exercise program. Upon entrance, patrons are greeted by a digital screen set within a textured wall, incorporating dynamic art installation by Justin Ridler. Adjacent to the reception counter sits a collection of furniture objects which collectively talk to the ideas of the future and the familiar – from the highly refined stainless-steel chairs, through to the stained black log bench and textured sheepskin floor cushions.

A stainless-steel box sits at the centre of the space both concealing bathroom utility areas and presenting a refined and industrial façade to the gym area. The main exercise area remains open plan designated into four stations (referred to as pods) that correspond with the users’ exercise routine while lighting and signage focus on key areas of activity. Over-scaled leaning mirrors and raw steel beams provide functional utility for the gym equipment experience.

The collision of future and the familiar expressed across materiality throughout the space is truly emotive – a very human experience within a highly engineered interior.


Furniture: Frama Triangolo, Glas Italia, Riva 1920, Wilson and Dorset. Lighting: Flos and custom lighting. Fittings & Fixtures: Henry Wilson.


Photography: Shannon McGrath