Green Massage

Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Green Massage is a well-known spa chain brand in Shanghai that provides professional healthcare in a private and elegant environment to busy people with fast-paced urban lifestyle.

The design of the Green Massage Hubin Road store, is both innovative and distinctive. The concept for the interior came from the moon in the sky and the grey tones and texture of the moon have been incorporated into the interior not only through materiality but also a round ‘moon’ motif.

With custom designed and made furniture, Flos lighting and Kohler fittings, Green Massage is both elegant and refined and the contemporary interior while cutting edge is welcoming, encouraging wellbeing and relaxation.

The design was also inspired by art, but connects and extends the concept of the artwork – not only in the body treatment spaces but also within the quiet zone.

This is a journey for the guests to recover from their fatigue, and Green Massage is the healing way to touch a person and a human beings five senses.


Lighting: Flos. Finishes: Nora, Vescom. Fittings & Fixtures: Kohler, CDN.


Photography: Yunpu Cai