Dental Clinic. A Brave New World.

Esoteriko with Jess Mason

Through the design of Dental Clinic. A Brave New World. there is a sanctuary-like interior that is deeply influenced by a Japanese-style aesthetic where human experience, nature and technology are combined.  

The site was a former fashion retail store with large front windows however, digital projections and acid etching were added to the glazing to provide privacy and enhance natural light.

All spaces are connected by a meandering pathway that links the clinical, consultation, amenity, laboratory, sterilisation and back-of-house areas. A complex hierarchy of spaces dictated the layout and provide a sense of an ‘outdoor’ space. There is a glazed floating pavilion centre of the site edged with a ‘skylight’ detail and also a Japanese-inspired rock garden.

Lighting was a key consideration to create warmth and a pebblecrete floor finish was selected to further enhance the sense of landscape.

Furniture selection is comfortable and elegant and there is a subtle palette of layered green to create a calmness and reinforce the brand of the clinic. All walls are gradually curved to facilitate flow, diffusing light and creating a seamless connection of varied programmatic areas. Edges are softened with the inclusion of moulded walls, ceilings and joinery.

A Japanese-designed ergonomic dental chair became the starting point for the design narrative which weaves throughout the interior, however technology and procedures undertaken in the practice are showcased in a flexible space that combines three areas into one –a clinical room, consultation room, and photography room. Patients can gradually progress from reviewing digital representations on screens in a lounge setting to the dental chair of the treatment room and there is also an opportunity to showcase procedures to a clinical audience.

The space is the ultimate manifestation of the dental work of the client and a link between the natural and the artificial that creates unique opportunities to showcase cutting edge technology in the field of dentistry.


Furniture: Design By Them, Tigmi Trading, Jardan. Lighting: Vertex Lighting, Superlight. Finishes: Alternative Surfaces, Polyflor, Corian. Fittings & Fixtures: The Arc Dept., Morita. 


Photography: Dave Wheeler