Buff Nail Studio

Design by GOLDEN

Buff Nail Studio is a place of pamper and ritual. Beyond a ‘hole in the wall’ on a busy shopping strand, a discreet hallway leads to a subterranean sanctuary where manicure stations and pedicure lounges await under a sculpted vaulted ceiling which gently references forms of the hand.

Encapsulating the brand ethos, the design of Buff Nail Studio responds to the gap in market for a boutique offering, elevating the service to one which embodies natural product and specialist care in an environment dedicatedly designed to enhance your visit.

Sleek, easy to clean surfaces; acrylic topped manicure stations, graphic floor tiles with returned skirtings and vinyl upholstery, are cleverly designed elements that enhance the salon experience while providing a level of functionality and hygiene.

Enhancing the usual experience of nail maintenance, sterilisation and the ceremony of wash on show, the treatment zone is anchored centrally with a leathered granite wash station integral to the process of cleaning prior, during and after for clients and technicians. The display wall adjacent in polished plaster fascia integrates organic colour paints and gel types with embossed signage above, an illuminated branding towers stands by, the Buff logo etched in acrylic assimilating nail art and humbly glowing in the background.

With polished plaster walls throughout, a burl upstand identifies the pedicure area and high gloss Marblo counters specified for their robust performance complement the laboratory environment while infusing a dedicated design aesthetic. Plum coloured manicure chairs are paired with hard-wearing micro-suede pedicure chairs in blue which touch on the colour tones on the front door and hygiene window emphasising spatial branding, the pilot store ready for roll out to other locations.


Furniture: Cult, Grazia & Co, Comfortel, Hub. Lighting: Linear Matrix, Est Lighting, Ambiance Lighting. Finishes: Dulux, Tiento Tiles, Briggs Veneer, Ported Paint Fresco, Glux, Mablo, Mitchell Plastics Perspex. Fittings & Fixtures: Astra Walker.


Photography: Sharyn Cairns